Nazi Supporter Decides To Run His Mouth At The Wrong Stranger, Gets What’s Coming To Him

Updated November 20, 2017

As states and cities begin to take down their Confederate flags and memorabilia, an influx of white supremacists and Nazis have come out of the woodworks. People are appearing in public wearing the Nazi swastika proudly as necklaces and armbands. These fascists want to restrict American freedom and “ethnically cleanse” the country of anyone who is not white. The majority of Americans, including most white Americans, do not support this rhetoric. That’s why when a man wearing a Nazi armband started harassing a black man on a train in Seattle, Washington, people started standing up to him. And when the Nazi punk tried to start a fight, it didn’t end too well for him when the anti-fascists stood up to the challenge.

A Twitter users named BabyGoose shared an image of the man wearing the Nazi armband along with the following caption:

“Nazi s*** head seen on D line headed to downtown Seattle. Submitter said they were harassing a black man on the bus.”

Because Twitter users were not happy to know that a Nazi was harassing people of color in Seattle, they used the power of social media to track the Nazi punk down and teach him a lesson.

These anti-fascists used the power of the internet to located and then knock out the Nazi who had the swastika armband proudly displayed on public transportation.

And the video clip of his beat down has quickly gone viral as people share how this bully got what was coming to him. In the video, the Nazi supporter falls to the ground like a pile of rocks after a black man he was harassing punches him in the face.

Moments after the pro-Nazi man was knocked out, a bystander says, “Night. Night.”

And the man who punched the Nazi and was personally attacked by his words says, “Ain’t got nothing to talk about.”

Seattle Police have been called in to investigate. And they have confirmed that the man in the video was seen wearing the swastika armband. And the police report that he was “instigating fights.” But when the police approached him, he refused to cooperate with American law enforcement, making this Nazi sympathizer tip toe on the line of criminality.

“Police were on the scene in 5 mins and found him on the ground. He declined to provide info about incident & left after removing his armband,” the police department shared in a tweet. “No one else at the scene contacted officers to make a report about the incident.”

The man was first seen on Seattle’s D line, which is a public bus. On the bus, he was targeting a black man and bullying him.

After the tweet went viral, anti-fascist Twitter users tried to triangulate the Nazi sympathizer’s location. Eventually, he was found on a street corner in downtown Seattle.

He was found and beaten up. One Facebook user shared an image of him on the ground.

“Just watched a Nazi get knocked the f*** out,” Sean Patrick Duff wrote on Facebook.

Do you think this Nazi sympathizer deserved what he got?