Nervous Girl Shows Up To School With New Prosthetic Leg, Friends’ Reactions Has Me In Tears

Updated May 10, 2017

Children are so innocent and free from judgment, and because of this, they could really teach us, adults, a thing or two about acceptance. They have a tendency to sense when someone is sad and they no qualms about hugging someone in need or inviting them into their circle. It is truly a beautiful thing to witness.

In a touching moment, a group of children is captured on film accepting their friend with open arms. Seven-year-old Anu is seen approaching the playground with her new pink activity prosthetic leg. As she approaches, a group of children gather around her to check out the new leg and then they each take her into a welcoming embrace before she shows them how she has the ability to run again, thanks to the activity blade. Evidently, the children knew that she was getting the new prosthetic because one is heard asking…”Is that your new pink leg? Wow!” As Anu shows them how she can run again, they all follow her around the playground.

Soon after Anu was born she had to have her leg amputated and for years she had a prosthetic that didn’t allow her to participate in activities, so the big reveal of the new pink activity leg was a huge deal for her. Thanks to a funding project, the money was allocated for new research which ensures that children have access to activity prosthetics that allows them to partake in activities such as running and swimming. Another portion of the money was allocated for sports prosthetics for 500 children and Anu was one of them. The West Midlands Rehabilitation Center has provided the treatment and support for Anu and her family.

While this funding is due to run out next year, several companies are on a mission to carry out initiatives to help children who use prosthetic limbs. Open Bionics is a Bristol-based company that recently partnered with Disney’s designers and technicians to create robotic hands for children with different themes including Frozen, Iron Man and Star Wars. And one US company is starting to take requests so that they can make miniature prosthetics for the dolls that are owned by the little girl’s who have prosthetic legs. This would all them to match.

The commenters found happiness in the way the children accepted Anu with open arms…

“Beautiful souls.  May we all face the world with curiosity and happiness like these kids.”

“Gorgeous.  Their instantaneous joy is just beautiful.  No hesitation or words just smiles and a hug.”

And that is the beauty of children…they don’t hesitate when it comes to their friendships and accepting anyone into their circle. And they always just want what is best for others. You seldom see jealousy in children this age.

“Lovely children, they see nothing more than a friend being able to run and walk with them. All the best Anu.”

And some commenters couldn’t help but think about what is to come for these innocent children…

“The innocence of childhood. But I fear that once adulthood comes around, that they will turn into monsters and castigate her.”