Never Pay Someone To Fix Drywall Cracks Again. Here’s A Simple Fix Anyone Can Do [video]

Updated March 16, 2017

While I might not notice it at first, but if I spend some time in someone’s house, I start to notice the flaws they could fix with a little elbow grease. And drywall cracks are at the top of my list. Honestly, they are one pet peeves, and after learning how easy it is to fix them, I just had to share the tips and tricks with you.

Has a crack ever appeared in your drywall? Perhaps over a doorframe? Well, it is not necessarily something to worry about, but it does make your house look worse.

Below we’re sharing a video from the popular YouTube channel MonkeySee. In it, Ken Collier from “The Family Handyman Magazine” will go through the steps to fix a drywall crack. Believe me, this is pretty easy. Get started with it today!

Ken begins his discussion about drywall cracks. As he says, they occur from “the gradual settling of the house over time.”

First, he masks off the woodwork above the door.

Then he uses a screwdriver to open up the crack. But you can use a utility knife or even an old fashioned church key to doing this work.

Just drive the tip of the screwdriver into the bottom of the crack and then move it up and down to open it up. This will get down to sound drywall on both sides of the crack.

With a damp cloth, brush off the dust. Then apply a self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape. This reinforces the joint and prevents future cracks from reappearing.

Next, he applies a thin coat of drywall joint compound. This fills in the crack and the pieces of the mesh tape. When it dries, scrape off any ridges, then apply a second coat.

A third coat might be necessary if your path is still detectable. When it dries, he scraps it, sands it, and then primes it.

When the primer dries, apply the wall paint.

More than 1.4 million people have tuned in for this DIY drywall crack fix. What do they have to say about it?

“DIY stuff is actually fun when you can watch someone show you how to do it first. A “how to” video sinks into my brain much better than reading…at least for me,” shared Lauren Stevens.

“the best way to avoid this is not to have a joint above a door or window. I’ve been a drywall finisher for 20 years and the crack usually come back,” wrote Scott Campbell.

Other readers are not very impressed. They report that this fix is a shortcut that does not really work in the long term.

“Seriously…..whoever uses tape to cover a crack…is more than AMATEUR!! its like having a 6-10 inch cut anywhere in your body and doctor just puts a bandage! such an AMATEUR move…NEVER NEVER do what the guy in this video did….open the crack, fill with Compound, then sand it levels smooth, then prime it,” a disgruntled viewer shared.

What do you think about this DIY fix? Will you try it?

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