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New Details Emerge Of What Police Are Calling The Most Evil Man They’ve Ever Come Across

New details are becoming public now that Lee Donald Kaplan has been convicted of all seventeen counts of child rape, sexual assault and other felonious offenses. The jury handed down the guilty verdicts Tuesday afternoon in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Fifty two year old Lee Donald Kaplan was accused of raping six sisters ranging in age from eight to eighteen years old over the course of several years. A jury found him guilty on all seventeen counts.

One year ago, Kaplan’s house was raided by police after they received a complaint about the welfare of children residing in his home. Kaplan was taken into custody when the eldest sister, an eighteen year old, told officers she had been forced to bear two children by him, the first when she was only fourteen years old.

Officers rescued nine sisters and two children Kaplan fathered by one of the girls.

In a bizarre twist, the state alleges that the sisters had been gifted to Kaplan by their parents when he helped the family leave an Amish community by providing them with financial assistance.

Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus are awaiting sentencing for their convictions on child endangerment convictions.

Kaplan became involved with the Stoltzfus family around 2002, when they decided to leave their Amish community. He gave them money to assist with the transition, and began spending nights at their home. Very quickly he began sexually abusing the two eldest daughters who were seven and eight years old at the time. He would invite the two girls into his bed.

In exchange for his financial help, the Stoltzfus’ offered one of their girls, just seven years old at the time, to him in marriage.

At the time of the police raid last year, all of the Stoltzfus daughters were living with Kaplan and he was actively engaging in sexual violence with six of them.

Kaplan had brainwashed the children into believing that they were his wives.

The girls were called as witnesses at Kaplan’s trial, offering damning testimony.

One girl, just nine years old, said that he began molesting her at seven and told her not to tell anyone. Another, now fifteen, said that her abuse began when she was eleven or twelve years old. They cooperated with Kaplan, believing that they were his wives and that was what wives were supposed to do.

All of the girls suffered from health issues, as they have never been to see doctors or dentists. Three were diagnosed with Lyme disease, and five girls required extensive dental work including having teeth removed.

Bucks county Children and Youth Supervisor, Stacy Roach testified that the girls’ first visit to see doctors occurred after Kaplan was arrested, saying “They had to be shown a video of how to wash long hair. It was obvious with the amount of dental work they needed that they probably didn’t brush their teeth.”

The girls are all in foster care now. They have begun studies in an online school and have been issued birth certificates and social security numbers.

Kaplan has not yet been sentenced.

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