New High Quality Photos Give Insight Into Area 51 Like We’ve Never Seen Before

Updated September 6, 2017

For decades, conspiracy theories galore have swarmed around the Area 51 military base in the Nevada desert. The military base, known for its strange activity that has rumored to involve aliens. And because of all the weird stuff going out in the desert, people know that the government wants to keep Area 51 under wraps. And it has been – until recent images show that something sinister really is happening down in the desert.

YouTube channel UFO Seekers have decided to do some 21st century digging in into the Nevada desert searching for the reputed military base that has been thought to store UFOs and run tests on living captive alien life forms.

The high-tech cameras the alien hunters used capture amazing photos and video of the area.

Because Area 51 is restricted to the Army, the alien hunters had to climb an 8,000 foot mountain about 25 miles away to get a good look from a high place.

Equipped with their amazing telescopic lens, they peered off the top of Tikaboo Peak to look down on Area 51 and the surrounding area. They were shocked to see so much military activity.

In the video clip, you’ll see cars and SUVs driving around the roads and runways in the top secret base.

According to hearsay, Area 51 operates as a detachment of California’s Edwards Air Force Base. The military runs tests and operates experimental planes out there so the population doesn’t find what they’re up to. Unfortunately, UFO Seekers may have exposed their secret activity and made it public. Hopefully, the government doesn’t break in and shut down their YouTube channel before the public gets to see  the truth.

Check out the viral video below. Many people are impressed with the “quality” of the video. Many supposed UFO sightings are often captured in grainy or hard-to-see images. What you see below is much more straight forward and clear.

Lots of people have already watched this new video. Here were some recent comments from viewers like you:

“Take the most powerful telescope you can buy so we can see crystal clear right into the base right up to the hanger doors like your actually there inside the base. You got the closest images I’ve ever seen but they look digitally zoomed you can do even better.”

“I love the quality y’all are bringing to the table. I also like how y’all have branded yourselves and the professional manner in which you’re putting out this content. I think it’s super important to portray these things in this fashion because of how easy it is to ridicule or discredit poorly made or amateur content. Keep up the excellent work!”

“Man you should get some telescope or something, you reckon you could get away with staying up there for a couple days camping and watching it through a scope?”

What do you think really happens at Area 51? Is the government hiding alien life from the public? Are you as shocked as all the viewers?

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