NFL Owner Issues Threat To Any Player On His Team Who Dares To Kneel During The Anthem

Updated September 13, 2017

Although the NFL players might be the faces of the sport, in the end, the team owners have a lot of power over what the players can and cannot do. And now the Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones is asserting his power by banning all of his players from protesting the national anthem. As other teams allow their high-paid players to take knees during the national anthem and slander the people who fight for freedom in the American military, Jones is taking a stand. He doesn’t want players to do that on the Cowboys because the team stands for patriotism and wants all players to honor that American tradition.

While other NFL owners take a soft approach to the protesting of the national anthem, Jones put his fist down on it. If any players take a knee during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, he will fire them immediately.

Meanwhile, the players are whining about this disciplinary action. They do not think the owners should fire them for protesting the national anthem.

Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin said that NFL owners “have told their players to do specific things or to not do specific things… regarding the national anthem and the protests.”

Baldwin thought the threat that Jones made was “egregious.”

While he got his message across, Baldwin was not done hitting back against the NFL owners who punished their players for not standing during the anthem.

“The one quote that I was informed of was, ‘You’re going to stand on the line with your hand on your heart and you’re going to sing the National Anthem because this is my stage,’” Baldwin said. While this statement has not been confirmed that it is about Jones, speculation is leaning in that direction.

Through the last NFL season and to this day, Jones has been a vocal critic of the national anthem protest calling it a disappointment.

“we strongly, strongly support the flag in every way we support – and it’s almost ridiculous to be saying – the people that for generations and generations that have given it all up so that we can get out on television.”

Jones also wanted to keep the NFL a patriotic forum for Americans. He added:

“And I’m for it being used in every way we can to support the great, great contributors in our society. And that’s people that have supported America, the flag, and there’s no reason to not go all out there. And for anybody to use parts of that visibility to do otherwise is really disappointing.”

Jones isn’t just setting an example for his team, he is speaking to America. And the Cowboy’s head coach Jason Garrett is following his team’s owner’s lead.

“There’s no question in my mind. The national anthem is sacred. Our flag is sacred. And our team has demonstrated that,” he told reporters gathered at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, Calif.

Last year Garrett said a compatible thing:

“We’re so fortunate to live in the country that we live in. It’s a great tradition. It’s a great song. In a lot of cases it can become an emotional situation for all of us. You think about all the people who have fought for our country and allowed us to raise that flag as proudly as we do, to live in the greatest land in the world. It’s a special moment for all of us. We want to make sure we handle it the right way.”