Nine Airmen Quietly Assemble In A Tiny Room, Now Keep Your Eyes On The Female In The Center

Updated August 10, 2017

Being part of a military unit means that you have a built in family as service members tend to bond quickly due to the fact that they are usually away from home and they are working together toward the same mission. And because they often spend countless hours together, both working and in living quarters, these men and women cannot help but build fast relationships.

One team of deployed airmen are proving just how well they work together. While they may look like your average group of airmen in freshly pressed uniforms, this group has shown that they have a hidden talent that has recently come to the service. The group is part of the 397th Air Expeditionary Wing and on a mission to wish one of their comrades a happy birthday, they all joined together and performed an epic rendition of Adele’s hit song, “Rolling in the Deep.” It is certain to send chills up your spine.

A video that is circulating the internet, shows the group joining together to present the song in what appears to be a conference room on base. A female who is placed front and center is the main singer and she doesn’t hold back from belting out the song, with a voice that is powerful and breathtaking at the same time. Surrounding the singer is her fellow airmen, joining in with various instruments to make a memorable song. Surely one that the birthday girl won’t forget.

The group claps and hits the drums at all the right times, making their own background music. It’s obvious it takes a lot of effort because the guitar and violin player don’t stop the entire time.  It’s quite amazing that there are so many talented people in one unit. And just when you think the performance is over, the group moves onto another song…New York by Jay-Z. And again, they execute the song flawlessly. They then switch it up a bit and move on to a Journey song…Don’t Stop Believing.”

It’s obvsious this group knows each other well and they are enjoying themselves immensely.

This group of singers has quite a fan club and several thought that the main female singer should strive to focus on her singing career…


“Wow I would buy her music.”

“That girl can wail and the airman playing the guitar solo for don’t stop …I know those notes are hard on an acoustic but you rocked it out …the whole band together sounded stellar.”

And commenters were sure to recognize their military service and sacrifice in addition to their great musical talent…

“Every time I find myself having an existential crisis, I remind myself it’s only for people like this that I have the freedom to have one in the first place. Thank you.”

“God gave you guys this wonderful voice. Amazing!!!! God Bless You! Thank You for your service.”

It won’t be surprising if this group gets asked to perform on television someday.