No Matter What He Did His Dog Would Follow Him Outside. What Happens When He Stars Shoveling? LOL

Updated January 25, 2016

With much of the Northeast of the United States bombarded with heavy snows and harsh weather this past weekend, everybody was outside shoveling their driveways and walkways. And if you’re tired of the snow already this winter, you probably wish you could have a little help with this backbreaking chore.

Well in the hilarious clip below, you’ll watch as homeowners recruit their canine companions to “help” them shovel snow.

Watch the incredible dogs do their best in the video below NOW!

In the 2-minute clip below, dog after dog does his or her best to assist in shoveling snow.

The first dog tries to grab the shovel himself and do the hard work so his owner can relax with a cup of hot chocolate near the fireplace.

While the second dog figures he can assist better by pushing the snow shovel with his nose.

The third dog doesn’t like the snow being shoveled. He does his best to attack it so his owner doesn’t have to deal with it. But it seems like this dog is just making life a little tougher for the snow shoveler. But I’m sure his dog’s erratic behavior got everyone there laughing out loud!

Instead of helping, the French bulldog figures he can just hitch a ride on the snow shovel. Why risk slipping on the ice? This dog just jumps on and gets a free ride. No hard work for this pooch.

And of course the black lab has to just grab the shovel and play with it. He doesn’t care that his owner is trying to shovel. This Labrador retriever simply wants to play!

Which dog in the video below was the funniest?

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