No One Believed What His Frog Did When He Touched It, So He Films It As Proof [video]

Updated April 21, 2017

We all know that frogs say “ribbit, ribbit,” right? Everyone learned that way back when they were toddlers, after all.

So, when this man came upon a frog at his house and touched him, he couldn’t have expected the frog would make this noise.

Who knew?

Before we get to that noise, have a look at this little guy. Found on the floor of the man’s home, he looks pretty unassuming. But he’s got a big voice, that’s for sure.

The man reaches down to touch him and the reaction? A scream! Frogs will scream to startle a predator away and we have to imagine this shriek really gets the job done.

Some believe this guy is called Budgett’s frog (Lepidobatrachus), which is found in South America. explains that you shouldn’t risk touching frogs, noting: “Experts recommend that amphibians should be handled with care, not only for the animal’s protection but for yours as well. Just as the skin of an amphibian is sensitive to the chemical residue that can come from human hands (e.g. perfume, hand lotion), humans and pets can absorb toxins from an amphibian if they are touched. It’s best, then, to wear gloves if you ever need to pick one up or use other means to not harm the frog or yourself.”

We’re learning so much about frogs today.

Many in the comments section of the YouTube video tried to recreate the noise, using oh-so-many e’s to make their point. Another noted: “Wtf my teacher told me that frogs go ‘ribbit.’ smh lying ass.” Yeah, we feel a little deceived as well.

Others found the little guy adorable, with post such as: “I WANT ONE,” “omg frogs are so awesome,” and “why does this sound cute to me.”

When someone else questioned why the video of a screaming frog could get so many views, another person cleverly responded: “Because REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.” Another believed quite simply, “Cause the frog’s cute, can’t you see?!”

This commenter loves the little frog (maybe too much), writing: “he is so cute! he is so derp and so floppy in all the right ways! I want my soul to be covered in the embrace of this frog.”

Yet another commenter had this scenario: “imagine waking up in the middle of the night and this thing is screaming on your pillow right next to your face.” No thanks.

Another person had this startling comment: “Turn the volume all the way up and you are hearing exactly what I hear in my head every day 24/7.” Others were a bit concerned, with one commenter replying: “You make it sound like you’re going insane, maybe you should see a psychologist.”

You can bet there were plenty of jokes too, with comments such as: “Stupid Frog!!! Can’t even scream and hop at the same time!!! No wonder they’re such easy prey!!!,” “When you’re all comfortable in bed and your mom calls you to do chores,” and “Looks like it’s been triggered.”

We think this comment sums up the screaming frog perfectly: “THIS IS FUNNY AND SCARY AT THE SAME TIME.”