No One Expected Horse To Live When They Found Him, Watch His Miraculous Transformation [video]

Updated February 17, 2017

Things tend to happen for a reason. In the spring of 2016, a group of people were out walking near the Irish village of Condalkin, when they happened to come across a horse, whose life was about to change. While stopping to admire a field of majestic looking horses galloping in the field, they noticed that one stood out from the rest. This particular horse was wearing a halter that was embedded in the animal’s head. Luckily, the walkers took immediate action and called My Lovely Horse Rescue, which specializes in saving abandoned and abused horses.

When volunteers arrived at the field they learned exactly how difficult their jobs were going to be. Because the horse was so traumatized due to trust issues, he kept escaping them when they got close. The next step was to use a tranquilizer gun, so they enlisted Dublin Zoo staffer, Gerry Creighton. Turns out, he even had trouble tranquilizing the injured horse, as he kept finding away to escape the tranquilizer.

The volunteers at the organization settled on a much different approach. They decided to get to know the horse hoping he would eventually warm up to them. Each day they brought him carrots and treats, until the horse wasn’t as skittish and let them approach him. When the horse finally allowed some human interaction, Gerry was able to get him sedated with the tranquilizer gun.

Now it was time to bring the horse to the vet so they could start on the long process of getting him better. The volunteers had decided to name the horse “Gerry,” and soon the vet was undergoing the daunting process of removing the far too small halter from Gerry’s skin. According to the vet, the halter had been set on the horse right after he was born, and his head had grown over it.

The more Gerry grew, the more the halter dug into his flesh, causing him an unbearable pain. Due to the horrible infection caused by the wounds, maggots and pus had infiltrated the area. While the vet was sure that Gerry would eventually surpass the physical wounds, he knew that there would be psychological wounds that he would have to overcome.  At first, Gerry would just stand in his stall facing the stall, without interacting with any of the caretakers, until a transformation started to take place.

In time Gerry started to open up to his new human friends. He became fond of them and even started to eat from their hands, which proved to be great progress for an animal that was in complete isolation and pain for so long.

While Gerry had scars from the halter, he healed well and was able to live a full life free of pain. And there was an even happier ending, as Gerry ended up going home with an adoptive family.

Thanks to the walkers and the volunteer staff at My Lovely Horse Rescue, Gerry’s life was transformed.

Commenters were very impressed with the work done by the rescue volunteers…

“Gerry had no idea his luck had changed and he was headed to a wonderful life. Thanks for rescuing this sweet boy. I so appreciate the work that you do.”