No One In My Family Was Able To Pass This Basic U.S. Geography Test. Can You? Test Your Skills

Updated March 3, 2017

It’s no secret that most Americans are pretty lame when it comes to geography, even within our own borders. Because our schools don’t really focus on it, lots of kids can barely name every state in America, let alone point them out on a map.

Even some national leaders like Gary Johnson are unable to identify crucial parts of the world including the leaders who preside over those foreign lands.

Below we have a quiz to test your skills. Are you above average when it comes to knowing American geography? Or are you among the rabble?

Do you think you are an expert at American geography? Test out your skills with this awesome quiz!

With 15 questions, this quiz challenges everything you thought you knew about America.

Spanning from states to lakes, this quiz will test your overall knowledge of our country. Can you pick out Wyoming, Lake Michigan or the capital of Texas? Try it out for yourself here!

This quiz takes a little bit of time, spanning 15 questions but each and every one will test how well you know this great land.

Share this quiz with your friends and family today and let us know how well you did in the comments!

Are you a geography genius? Be honest, how many of these tough questions did you get right?

Tips to improve your American geography skills:

When it comes to learning anything new about America or the world in general, doing some more reading is the best place to start. Books are an abundant resource of knowledge just waiting to be tapped. Visit your local library and review the atlas to get a better idea of American geography.

Another way to improve your skills in this area, is to subscribe to a newspaper or magazine. These periodicals can teach you more about the world and the country. Follow along and read the stories. If you don’t know where something is, then check it out on the map.

One great way to learn more about American geography is to spend time looking at maps. Perhaps, you can just gaze at them and imagine where you’d like to take your spouse on vacation. Do you have a destination city in mind? What states are near it? What’s the capital of that state? Ask yourself more questions like this and you will start to learn more about our great country.

Next time your turn on the television and watch a news program, pay extra special attention to where the story comes from. Did the news happen near a certain lake or river? Was it in a city you know? Is the city the news happened in the capital of the state?

For example, when the Pulse Orlando shooting happened back in June 2016, did you stop to look at a map and see where Orlando is in Florida. Is it the capitol of the state or just one of its cities.

The more you seek out knowledge about America and the world around you, the more you’ll know and be able to do.

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