No One In The Wedding Knew About Bride’s Surprise, Pay Attention To What’s In Her Left Hand

Updated September 12, 2017

Little girls are known for dreaming up their weddings from the time they know what weddings are. They fantasize about the flowers, the music and dancing, the cake, and of course their very own real-life prince charming.

Chances are if you are a girl, your wedding plans have changed quite drastically from when you were a child. Maybe you prefer shades of blue instead of pink and purple, or maybe you like music that fits your age, rather than the Cinderella soundtrack that you knew oh so well as a child.

Regardless of how much a bride has changed from when she was a child, it’s pretty safe to say that she wants to put her own personal touch on her wedding day. And each bride prefers to focus on different aspects of the wedding as their own. Some are hot and heavy about the flowers, while others are more concerned about the choreography of that memorable first dance.

When Mary Holand Tosse of Norway was planning her wedding, she had a few things in mind and one would end up shocking everyone, including her fiance, Ronnie Eidsvik.

In a ceremony that appeared to be as traditional as weddings get, Mary switched it up when she walked through the heavy wooden doors at the Alesund Church, escorted by her father. While it looks like she will be walked down the aisle like a typical father/daughter scene, she pulls a microphone out from behind her and starts belting out the song, “You Raise Me Up,” serenading Ronnie as she saunters down the aisle in a princess-like wedding gown. In one hand Mary holds a bouquet of yellow flowers and the other a mic. Her voice is flawless and is heightened at just the right moments as she gets closer and closer to her groom. When she gets to the chorus of “You raise me up,” members of the choir join in. And then, as if it couldn’t be more of a shock, Mary’s father joins in with his own spin on the lyrics. He sings about it being time to give away his daughter. The two go back and forth singing newly created lyrics to the famous song.

The groom is caught on camera wiping tears from his eyes. The moment is one that is hard to face without feeling a surge of emotions. She finishes the song just as she is standing directly in front of her groom and the audience is completely still.

This is a wedding that will be remembered forever, thanks to the bride’s singing talent, hard work, and creativity…

Commenters shared their thoughts…

“That was a wonderful and beautiful wedding. This is one of my favorite songs, and she has a beautiful voice (I love how she sang it in both Norwegian and English). I’m not going to make fun of her dad’s singing though.”

And of course, some had to find the negative and point out the father’s singing…

“She obviously made her poor dad sing…He was so nervous. Then, she couldn’t wait to take the microphone back. It would have been better if she just sang the song as a solo with no silly word changes or nervous dad that is no soloist singing.”