No One Really Cared About This Football Player Until They Remove Their Helmet, Revealed Identity

Updated September 8, 2017

Who says girls can’t play football?

One 16-year-old is proving that girls can do everything that boys can do, and excel at it. Sixteen-year-old Holly Neher became the first female quarterback at Hollywood Hills High School in southern Florida, and she recently made even more history when she threw a 42-yard touchdown pass during a recent game.

The memorable moment occurred during the fourth quarter of the game, and while the Hollywood Hills ended up losing to Hallandale High School, there was no shortage of cheer in the air, after Neher made the miraculous pass during her very first varsity game.

“I started jumping up and down. My teammates started jumping on me,” Neher said. “Coaches were screaming from the sidelines. Everyone started hitting me on the helmet.”

Neher started out playing on the Hollywood Hills’ girls’ flag football team for two years before she made the leap to the 50-member varsity team this season.

“I wanted to continue playing the sport so I tried out for the team,” Neher said. “I knew that I was capable.”

Neher is described as having the quarterback “It” factor, by varsity coach, Brandon Graham.

“Whether it’s a female or male quarterback or a ninth or twelfth grader, you want someone who isn’t afraid to make a mistake and who knows they’re going to get yelled at from time to time,” said Graham. “There is something about her that is so inspiring for her teammates. They want to follow her.”

It’s not surprising that Neher is looked up to by her teammates, as she believes in taking anything that comes her way with open arms. The 5-foot-2 player, admits that she has to tune everything out in order to control her nerves while she is on the field. She gets in the zone and she is looking forward to a future in football.

Neher has set an example for other students, as she’s broken down a gender barrier by playing the most male-dominated sport there is.

“I hope that they all see how small how I am and no matter what mindset or color, race, size, gender, you can do anything you want,” she said.

Commenters had a mix of emotions about the star athlete.

Some felt that she won’t last in the sport, due to her female physiology…

“Let’s see how long she lasts in full contact football. Football is a tough game, I coached HS foot ball, the QB is the weak link of the team, tackle hard and QB sacks count a lot in the game. Part of the goal is to wipe out the QB in blitzing. If you can take the QB out of the game it goes a long way in destroying team harmonics. Lets see how long she last, I bet she won’t last till the end of the month.”

And when others defended Neher being a female, there was a big response about a female’s genetic makeup…

“Physiology? Get real. You can pretend all you want, but men and women are built much differently. Women going full contact in football with men is idiotic. It’s like sending a boy onto the field with college or NFL players. I guess you’re okay with destroying someone physically in the name of feminism. Very noble.”