Normally Calm Dog, Starts Acting Ferocious At Toddler. Then Grandma Spots It

Updated September 22, 2017

Melissa Butt thought she didn’t have to worry. As a grandmother who occasionally watched the little ones, she was letting them play in the backyard. She didn’t worry about them because the two family dogs were always nearby and were very protective of the little children. And everything appeared to be very normal. 4-year-old Zayden and 1-year-old Mallory were enjoying the outdoor breeze, when suddenly, in a flash, everything changed. Within a moment, grandma Butt knew that her grandchildren were no longer safe.

But if it wasn’t for Butt’s pit bull terriers, she never would have known that the children were at risk of becoming victims. But since 3-year-old Slayer and 9-month old Paco jumped to attention and became super interested in something moving on the grass, Grandma Butt knew that something was up. And she didn’t have to wait to know what it was. She knew her pit bulls had the right idea.

“Generally they will listen and come when called,” Butt explained. “But they weren’t. They were just standing there, barking.”

Because the tiny children were inches from the danger, Slayer did not hesitate. Jumping to action, he landed on the copperhead snake getting closer to the grandchildren. Although the copperhead’s venom is only mildly dangerous to adults, little children can have serious complications. If everything goes wrong, it can compromise their entire immune system. If it wasn’t for Slayer, this snake could have killed Grandma Butt’s grandchildren.

“I think it would have been much worse had that snake gotten my grandkids instead of my big dog,” Butt said. “Mallory is less than 2 years old and had she been bitten I think it would have been a completely different story we’d be telling.”

Because Slayer was viscous with the snake, he killed it before it could hurt Zayden or Mallory. But that didn’t mean the dogs weren’t put in danger. Because they had gone after the snake and tried to kill it, both Slayer and Paco were bit by the venomous snake.

Paco got bit on his front leg. And therefore his injuries were minor. But heroic Slayer did not get so luck.

“His entire right side of his face [was] swollen,” Butt said. “He had a little sack of fluid that dropped from his chin.”

Thankfully Slayer was a big dog. But he still had to go to the animal hospital. He stayed in their care for three days getting constant anti-venom injections. This was very expensive treatment. But thanks to the local animal rescue group called Frankie’s Friends, they were able to raise some donations to help Grandma Butt afford Slayer’s hospital bills and anti-venom medication.

Because he was a hero who had saved two children from a copperhead snake, it was not hard for the group to raise the funds. Who wouldn’t want to help a hero survive? Because the generous community members donated to his recovery, Slayer is back home and has moved on from his near-deadly battle with the copperhead snake. Now he is as happy as ever.

But Zayden and Mallory can’t thank their trusty pit bull enough. If it wasn’t for Slayer and Paco, they could have been bitten by the snake.