Nurse Panics When She Sees Boyfriend On Stretcher, Blindsided By His Sinister Plan

Updated October 12, 2017

Nowadays it’s tough for people to come up with creative proposals as almost everything has been done before. Men have jumped through hoops to make their fiance be wowed by unforgettable proposals in the past.

But, there is one guy who may be the leader on creative proposals, based on the stunt he pulled to ask his medic girlfriend to marry him. He had a little bit of pull considering he worked in the same department as his girlfriend, Lauren Trulli.

Knowing that Trulli was on shift at the Long Branch Emergency Department in New Jersey, Thomas Ciancia faked a peanut allergy and got rushed to the hospital.

The video below shows the entire scene unfold.

When Ciancia gets brought to the ER in the ambulance, he is all smiles, until he is wheeled into Trulli’s department, where he continues to fake his allergy. As she starts to help him off the stretcher, he falls to one knee and asks her to marry him. She is clearly shocked and puts her hand over her mouth, completely off guard. The couple’s co-workers are standing around in awe, watching the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Evidently, Ciancia had plotted with his co-workers and got everyone on board with the epic proposal.

“We’re both Emergency Department nurses and this is where we met,” said Ciancia. “I set it up with our charge nurse and Elboron Ambulance to have Lauren meet a critical patient in the ambulance bay. When she saw it was me her heart dropped and she went into ER mode and quickly went inside to get IV’s set up. She then went to assist me out of the stretcher and that’s when I proposed.”

Trulli was too focused and in the zone, that she failed to notice that several of her co-workers had their cameras out and were filming the moment.

“I wanted to pick a place to do this and this was the place I fell in love with you,” he said in the touching moment.

It didn’t take long before her face was covered in tears of joy, and she obviously said yes. How could someone not say yes after such a creative proposal?

Unfortunately, some commenters focused on the negative and how it was “costly” to take an ambulance ride for such an act…

“He used an ambulance that could have been used for another patient. Costly stunt.”

Clearly, this won’t happen again, considering proposals only tend to happen once in a lifetime, but one commenter only saw the bad…

“He should pay out of pocket or she should be discharged from her job. The possibility of this stunt happening again is too costly for her to stay employed.”

“I wonder how much the stunt cost the taxpayers.”

Luckily there was one commenter who had something nice to say about the memorable moment…

“So many sad people here, so he climbed onto a trolley in an ambulance already parked at the hospital and took a few minutes to put a smile on his girl’s face as well as all her colleagues, what a pleasant time for all who work in ER, a smile for a change. Well done mate.”