Nurse Sees Her Boyfriend Rushed Into The ER, Realizes It’s A Joke. Then He Changes Her Life

Updated November 9, 2017

Elaborate proposals for marriage are not uncommon, but some go a little too far. A nurse was at work when her boyfriend decided to propose to her. While the proposal is one that she will certainly not forget, it was one that first started with sheer terror. A video was recording when Shannon Bingham, an ER nurse, came into a patient room to discover her boyfriend lying on the gurney. It was said that he was in respiratory distress. Any nurse knows that this can quickly be a life-threatening issue. Her boyfriend, Joseph Elkins, was pretending to be a patient near death as part of his plan to propose to her.

You can see by the video, Bingham was in absolute shock when she walked into the room to see her boyfriend lying there. Her jaw dropped and her eyes got incredibly wide. Her coworkers called her into the room to assist with a patient, but they did not tell her who the patient was. She was not aware that it was her boyfriend until she walked into the room and saw him.

It did not take long for Elkins to spring out of bed and show her that this was all a prank and part of his marriage proposal. The look on her face when she realized he was not actually in distress was quite priceless. It showed that she was immediately relieved.

Imagine being a nurse, or another type of healthcare provider, walking into a treatment room and seeing on of your loved ones lying there with significant trouble breathing. This is enough to cause anyone to experience shock. Of course, as a nurse, she still held her composure, even though her face showed absolute fear.

Once she realized that he was okay, she jokingly told him to never do that to her against. She started taking off her gloves because she realized that she will not be needing to actually provide any patient care.

Then, once she thought the shocking events were over, Elkins busts out a beautiful ring and asked her to marry him. Of course, she said yes and the others in the room seemed very happy to see the couple take the next step in their relationship. After he puts the ring on and she hugs him, cheers erupt in the patient room which is definitely something that does not happen every day in an ER where nurses and other staff work on hard cases and sometimes lose patients, resulting in heartbreak.

You could see that Bingham was shaking as she notices that she is being proposed to. It is clear that these two definitely love each other. It did not take long for the couple to marry after this elaborate proposal either. They tied the knot about one month after Elkins proposed.

If you are looking for a way to propose to the healthcare worker in your life, this might not be the best idea. However, it is always good to opt for a proposal that is memorable and outside of the norm.