Obama’s Brother Is Vowing He Will Vote For Trump In 2016. His Reason Why? Democrats Are STUNNED

Updated August 1, 2016

The country is extremely divided now with the new election of the next president of the United States approaching, and people are more than tense and heated over who to vote for, whether it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Both candidates pose extremely set views in many fields of operation along with hairy situations involving past offenses and mistakes that they have made.  When somebody says they are going to vote for a particular candidate, it can really raise tensions, even between friends due to the polar opposites that are being presented for voters.

Donald Trump is perhaps one of the most controversial candidates out there which is why people are so uptight about who is voting for Trump and what their political views might be.

When people think of President Obama, they think of all of the progressive moves he has made for society as a whole, or at least has tried to make whether it be good for the country or not, which is quite opposite of some of the conservative views of Trump.  This is why people were so shocked to learn that Obama’s half brother named Malik will be casting his vote for Trump.


Malik Obama is from a rural Kenyan village named Kogelo and said that he liked Donald Trump because everything he says is from the heart, and says that he would very much like to meet the man.

Malik Obama says that he changed to the “party of Lincoln” because of the deep disappointment that he had found in his brother’s administration.  He said that the thing that drove this disappointment was the fact that the FBI Director James Comey did not prosecute Hillary Clinton after she had the huge leak in security of her private and classified emails.

Malik Obama is also blaming President Obama as well as Clinton for the death of the former Libyan dictator named Moammar Gadhafi.  Malik claims that he was very close to Gadhafi and misses him very much.  He even dedicated the 2012 biography that he wrote of his father to Gadhafi.

Along with these circumstances, Malik also says that he does not support same sex marriage which lines up with Trump’s beliefs while at the same time is married to several women.

Malik was interviewed how many wives and how many children he has, but he replied with a comment saying, “that’s personal”.

Malik is planning to travel back to Maryland so that he can go cast his vote for Trump.  He worked as an accountant for several years in Maryland and thus is registered and qualified to vote in that state.

While Obama does not endorse Trump in any way, this statement by Malik certainly is having an impact on how much weight the Obama family carries in terms of influence for the upcoming election and how the public is going to be interpreting the new candidates when time comes to vote.

What do you think of Malik’s endorsement of Trump?  How much of an impact will it have on the election? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.