OBGYN Office Posts FAQ Questions And Answers About Pregnancy, Goes Viral Immediately

Updated October 16, 2017

When a woman becomes pregnant for the first time, it is common for her to have a wealth of questions about every aspect of her pregnancy and raising an infant. Naturally, the doctors who care for pregnant patients are the ones who get the brunt of these questions. One doctor had the idea to answer some of their patient’s burning questions in the lobby so that other things could be focused on in the exam room.

However, the questions that were posted in the lobby had an interesting twist. They were certainly questions that moms asked their doctors, but the answers are certainly not what any mom would expect from her doctor. This doctor felt that pregnancy was hard enough, so why not bring some laughter to the situation. Moms who entered the waiting room and read the sign agreed that the answers certainly brought a smile to their faces.

Due to the hilarity of this sign, it has gone viral after a patient posted it. She went to visit her doctor and the funny sign is one of the first things that caught her attention.

This sign covered a lot of the common questions that moms have, such as whether or not being over age 35 was too old for a baby. However, the way the sign phrases the question made it possible for the funny doctor to say that once a woman has 35 kids, she certainly has enough.

Another of the funny questions and answers asked when the baby will move since this is a very common question that pregnant woman have. The clever doctor answered this question stating that hopefully after the child finishes college if mom has any luck.

This is a great twist on the questions that moms often ask. While the doctor will certainly give their patients all of the right answers in the exam room, it never hurts to start an appointment off with a little bit of humor. This helps to put mom at ease so that the appointment can go as easily as possible. Doctors also have stressful jobs, so being able to make light of certain things that are not serious can help them to get through the workday a little easier.

Anyone who is pregnant, or anyone who has been pregnant, is sure to enjoy the questions and answers that this doctor developed. Maybe more doctors will find this viral sign and find ways to incorporate one into the lobby of their own practice. Any way to bring some laughter and job is a good thing, especially when a woman is having some discomfort during her pregnancy or is nearing her due date.

Dads are sure to enjoy this sign too. While mom is carrying the brunt of the discomfort and responsibility during a pregnancy, dads too are experiencing a major life change that can be made easier with some humor.