Officer Has No Idea He’s Being Filmed With Group Of Children, Goes Viral Immediately [video]

Updated June 13, 2017

Wanna see something really cute but do not have a lot of time in your busy schedule? Then have we got the video for you! In it, we get to watch as a British police officer dances, hand in hand, with some school children at the One Love Concert held in Manchester, England to support the victims of the recent terror attack after an Ariana Grande concert.

The One Love concert was held this week to honor the victims of a recent terror attack in Manchester, England after an Ariana Grande concert. The attack shocked the world, as many of the attendees and victims were tweens and young teenaged girls. However, even with such a callous attack, heroes came from all walks of life to help in the aftermath. One such person, Stephen Jones, has become a national folk hero for his part in the post attack rescue effort.

Thirty five year old Stephen Jones was outside Manchester Arena at 10:00 pm when the concert ended two weeks ago. Three minutes later, a suicide bomber detonated an improvised homemade bomb, killing twenty two and injuring dozens more in the blast.

Moments later, Jones was running towards the panic stricken crowd to render aid to the wounded. He helped carry injured people out to safety and pulled shrapnel from the bodies of victims.

Speaking with ITV, Jones later said “I… realised what was happening and saw children coming out, screaming and covered in blood. It was a lot of children with blood all over them, crying and screaming. We were having to pull nails and bits of glass out of their arms and faces. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I’d just walked away.”

Stephen Jones is a former brick layer who had fallen on hard times. He has spent the last lear or more living on the streets of Manchester after he lost his job and home.

David Sullivan, the co-chairman of West Ham United football club, and his son, David Jr., were moved by Jones’s heroism and wanted to reach out to him. David Jr. wrote on their Twitter feed:

“Me and dad want to rent the homeless man in Manchester a house for six months to help him get on his feet. If anyone can help us get in touch much much appreciated. Such a self-less act needs rewarding. Please tag anyone who can help us.”

And thanks to social media, they were able to contact the homeless hero.

Jones said that he will never forget the horrific images of carnage he witnessed that night, but their are many who will never forget his heroism in a moment of unspeakable terror.

The vast majority of attendees to Monday night’s concert were teenage girls. Local police have confirmed that twenty two died in the blast, with another fifty nine concertgoers injured from the bomb and ensuing stampede. The youngest fatality was an eight year old girl from Lancashire named Saffie Roussos

Twenty two year old Salman Abedi of Manchester has been named as the suspected bomber. Other details have yet to be released as the investigation continues. The global terrorist organization IS has claimed responsibility, however many security experts are discounting that claim. Their focus instead is on whether or not Abedi had ties to another organization, Al Qaeda. He had travelled to Libya within the last twelve months and was on the radar of several British and US security agencies. England has raised its threat level to its highest category.

Were you able to attend the One Love concert, or donate to victims funds? Please share your thoughts with us here.