Officer Risks His Life To Save Bear Cub Who Was Too Sick To Keep Up With His Mom (4 photos)

Updated July 11, 2017

Let’s be honest…there aren’t many things that are cuter than baby bear cubs. They are small, fluffy and exceptionally adorable. So, imagine seeing a gaggle of cubs racing to keep up with their mommy on a public road. It recently happened in New Hampshire and one Town of Carroll Police Department officer managed to save the day and get them back to safety.

When the police vehicle approached the mama bear being followed by her cubs on the New Hampshire road, the officer was initially shocked that the mama would stand in the middle of the road with her cubs but he soon learned why. One of the cubs had trouble keeping up with the rest and instead of following behind, he was stopped in the middle of the road sitting there helpless. He was incapable of making it any further. And then, much to the officer’s surprise, he saw the mama do something quite rare for a mama bear…she led the other three cubs across the road and left the fourth behind. The decision must’ve been tough for the mother, as mama bears are typically known to do anything for their babies.

Having had experience with bear cubs in the past, the officer waited for the mama bear and her healthy babies to leave before he rescued the helpless baby that was left behind. It turned out that this wasn’t the only baby from the litter to be lacking in strength. Later that day another runt from that same litter had been found and picked up.

“After doing some bear traffic control we had to take one bear cub in for Fish and Game to be rehabilitated as it was too weak to keep up with its mom and siblings,” wrote the police department. “This is the mother that had five cubs out in Bretton Woods, another cub (the runt of the litter) had to be picked up yesterday as well. This leaves her with three other very healthy cubs that she can now focus on and take care of. The other two will be rehabilitated and returned to the wild when they are stronger,” said the police department.

The police officer who rescued the cub in need is pictured below. Thankfully he knew what he was doing and had experience in rescuing cubs…

This just proves that police officers do a whole lot more than they get credit for. They are heroes in all types of areas and this bear cub is lucky that the officer found him before a speeding car came by. Timing was everything in this situation.

Some commenters didn’t agree that the officer should’ve taken the baby from her mother…

“I get why you did it but technically that’s kidnapping and during a very maternal period for her and babies. The stress they may be in is upsetting.”

“Human interference, again. Mother Nature doesn’t matter anymore. Us humans are far more superior…we’ll fatten these cubs up, then shoot’em! Or send them to a zoo where we can watch them pace in an 8×8 cage.”

And others thought it was best for the mama and the babies…

“From the outline of the mama she looks kind of thin. She may still need to nurse them for a long time, and may cause them all to starve. At least now by cutting down the strain on her they have a better chance of survival.”