Officials Finally Give Explanation Why Missile Like Objects Are Popping Up All Over Town

Updated July 26, 2017

A Colorado man’s curiosity was piqued recently when he passed by a strange machine on the side of the road. He could not figure out what its purpose was and decided to mine social media for answers.

When he posted a photograph of the bullet like device to Facebook, he was expecting to get an answer pretty quick. It stumped everyone, until a spokesperson for defense industry titan Lockheed Martin answered. You are not going to believe what she revealed.

Mark McDade was cruising down Colorado’s I-128 south of Boulder, when he spotted a very odd machine on the side of the road. He pulled over and took a picture of it. Later, McDade was stumped in trying to figure out the machine’s purpose, so he posted the image to Facebook in hopes that he could crowdsource the solution. Unfortunately, no one else knew what it was either.

Soon however he was contacted by a spokesperson from the defense giant Lockheed Martin. Suzanne Smith told him it Lockheed Martin was “just testing one of its sensor technologies.” She declined to say anything more, citing competition reasons.

So the mystery of the missile shaped thing on the side of the road is solved. Sort of.

This story about strange quasi military hardware turning up in public places got us thinking about a man who accidentally discovered a cold war era bomb shelter in his own back yard.

When a Tucson, Arizona, man moved into his new home, he was tipped off by a the former owner that there was something very unique hidden in his new backyard. That was the only clue the new owner would get; he had to do the research himself.

Not wanting to dig up his beautiful new backyard in search of this mysterious surprise, he headed to the city records building to see what he could find. There, he unearthed plans that had been filed with the city in the 1960s to build an underground bomb shelter.

The man, Reddit user Captantartica, got his hands on a metal detector and started exploring this secret shelter from above ground. He used the detector to locate two areas that could potentially hold the entrance to the shelter, and he began the process of digging. Within minute, he found a metal hatch. He opened the hatch and peered inside.

When he lifted the lid, he found a spiral staircase that led down to a dome-like structure. He told Mad World News that the entryway was very rusty and full of dirt, but still in good condition.

He decided to do some much-needed cleaning and other renovations in order to bring the 55 year old bomb shelter up to date.

Within six months, the man was able to repair the entrance, pour new concrete, and remove the worn and wobbly staircase and antiquated fiberglass interior. He is continuing to do work to renovate the shelter.


Have you ever seen any mysterious technologies pop up in your neighborhood like something out of an episode of “The X-Files?” share your stories with us here.