Once Considered The Fattest Kid On Earth, She Takes Charge Of Her Life; Makes Unreal Transformation

Updated September 7, 2017

Being known as the “fattest kid” in the world can’t be good for your self-esteem. But that’s exactly what 8-year-old Jessica Leonard had to deal with as she admitted in her interview with “Inside Edition” several years ago. Because she was much heavier than most other children her age, and was morbidly obese, her excessive body weight was causing her child’s bones to deteriorate. She was forced to get around the house in the strangest, most humiliating way – her loved ones had to roll her around. Compelled to help her daughter, Jessica’s mother sent the 420-pound 8-year-old to an obesity camp. The young girl learned discipline and was taught how to eat more healthfully. Mom also attended parenting classes because she was the main reason her daughter had gained so much weight. These small changes made a difference as you can see when you see Jessica now.

Known as “Fat Jessica,” the young woman was a sponge for bullying. She heard every fat joke and insult under the sun and was tired of the constant abuse from her classmates, teachers and random strangers on the street. She welcomed the change her obesity camp stay promised.

Before going to camp, Jessica ate constantly. Her legs couldn’t support her massive frame. She felt terrible about her weight and how she looked, but didn’t know how to stop the cycle of eating that ruined her life one bite at a time.

Her mother enabled her eating habits. She stockpiled their Knoxville, Tennessee home with junk food and quick bites. And whenever Jessica didn’t get the food she wanted and the amount she wanted, she threw a temper tantrum. And mom was all too happy to give into her “little” girl. But this twisted psychological game had gone too far and Jessica’s life was at risk.

She ate so much that she had trouble breathing. Her problem was so bad that child protective services removed her from home and sent her to the obesity clinic in Virginia.

After months of hard-work at the obesity camp and then taking the skills she learned home with her, Jessica began making headway. The fat on her body began melting away and she started shedding the pounds. She felt better, healthier and was happier.

As you’ll see in the video, Jessica made great improvements in her health. While she is not yet where she wants to be, she is closer and on the journey to better health.

In the end, Jessica lost 320 pounds without surgery.

Here’s what viewers like you are saying about Jessica, her weight loss journey and her mother.

“looks like her mom needs to make rules for herself too.”

“The Mom probably wasn’t educated on how to parent properly. The important thing is that her mother changed her ways and started parenting right.”

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