Once You See His Easy And Drool-worthy Recipe, You’ll Never Buy Pudding From A Store Again

Updated November 3, 2017

When you think back to your childhood, there are surely a number of foods that allows for an air of nostalgia. Maybe your grandparents or parents made a special dish or dessert that was a family treasure. Perhaps, your family put a unique spin on something that was common. No matter what the food was, it made you happy and it was able to alleviate bad feelings when you got a chance to bite into it. Food is often associated with happiness and celebration, especially when you find something that the whole family can cherish.

Chocolate pudding is one food that just about everyone loves and enjoys. However, the stuff that you get pre-made at the grocery store is just not the same as what you ate as a child. Finding an old-fashioned chocolate pudding recipe would allow you to relive those good memories of spending a few minutes on a lazy afternoon devouring the delicious treat with those you loved the most. There are tons of recipes out there. You have probably tried several of them, but none were giving you the exact flavor that you remember. This is sure to change when you try this old-fashioned chocolate pudding recipe.

The best chocolate pudding is not fussy, but it is still indulgent. You mix it up, put it into a bowl and enjoy the flavor. While instant pudding can certainly get the job done in a pinch, it is not personal enough for a special family moment. This specific recipe is completely homemade it involves cornstarch and egg yolks, ensuring that the texture is silky and more like a custard than a pudding. It will take a little longer to make, but it is still not overly difficult. The few extra minutes are surely worth it because the flavor is one that you are never going to forget.

This old-fashioned recipe has a deep chocolate flavor. The richness will make you never want to eat instant pudding or pre-made pudding every again. Once you get it all mixed up, simply pop it into the fridge for a short while to allow it to settle.

When you are ready to serve up this delectable treat, grab some spoons and bowls. Serve up the pudding and then offer a dollop of whipped cream for a little added sweetness. This will give you a few minutes of pure joy while you indulge and enjoy some of your favorite people.

What are some of your favorite foods from childhood? Think about what you used to love and make it a point to get the recipes. Great recipes are one of the best things that you can pass down to new generations in your family. They are also the perfect choice when you are hosting a family or holiday celebration. Sharing great food with great people is one of the best way to leave the stresses of the world behind for just a little while. It also provides the perfect chance to talk to and bond with your loved ones.