Once You Spot The Dog In The Photo You’ll Wonder How It Took You So Long To Find

Updated August 14, 2017

Camouflage is a natural way for animals to blend in with their environments. It works for both prey and predators. For predators, it allows them to get close and pounce when the time is right. I’m thinking of alligators and crocodiles which lurk in water and resemble floating logs until they chomp their big jaws down on an unsuspecting victim that quickly becomes lunch. For prey, camouflage allows them to hide in plain sight and avoid turning into some other animal’s lunch. But dogs are not usually well camouflaged animals. Because they were bred by humans for generations and bred to human’s liking, many breeds are not made to blend in with anything. But a picture of a pet owner’s kitchen seems to prove that assumption wrong. As you’ll see when you scroll down, you’ll be left speechless when you start searching the tile floor and kitchen rug for the canine hiding in plain sight. Can you see the dog?

It’s amazing that this dog knows where to go to camouflage itself in with the kitchen. If it wasn’t perfectly matched with the color, your eye would be drawn to the dog. But it is nowhere to be seen. People are furious that they weren’t able to spot the dog right away. They were eager to nail down the answer before anyone else. But they didn’t.

Take a gander at the kitchen. You’ll see the black mat near the sink, the tile floor, the off-white fridge and trash can, and a bunch of other items on the counter if the dog someone managed to get up there.

But if you look closely, you won’t be able to see anything – until you hone in on the black mat near the sink. There, if you look very closely, you’ll be able to see a pair of eyes and a few other features.

Nevertheless, the black dog matches the mat perfectly. It’s astounding that is has blended in so well with its background. I wouldn’t have thought that a dog could camouflage as well as this – except for a few hunting dog breeds that could blend in with the forest. But this dog has blended in with the kitchen. Amazing!

Since the photo was shared online, thousands have tried to find the dog. But even with the answer given to you, the black dog is still hard to see. And the dog is oblivious to the controversy it is causing to this day.

Readers have shared hundreds of comments on sites like Mail Online. Here were some popular ones:

“Yeah def scratching my head, I wonder where it could be.”

Some people found the dog immediately.

“I just got myself a pair of new glasses and spotted it within seconds, I am going to buy myself another pair as I am so pleased with them.”

“I’m scratching my had wondering how people could not see the dog.”

What do you think about this dog’s camouflage?

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