One Day She Left Her Home And Heard A Strange Noise. When She Turned Around, She Spots This. YIKES

Updated February 4, 2016

On one North Texas woman’s property, copperhead snakes are so common, she’s simply too afraid to leave her house at night for fear of getting bitten.

Since Vicki Barnett and her husband moved onto their property in Weatherford, Texas two years ago, they’ve been overwhelmed by the poisonous snakes that keep appearing – even as they use their rifle to kill them.

The homeowner admits that she’s killed at least 30 snakes just last weekend alone. Since last year, she’s ended the lives of at least 100 copperheads. They’ll even leave the dead bodies of the snakes on the fence as a warning to the other slithering reptiles.

“If one got in the house or in the cars, I would have to move,” Barnett told NBC. “I really would.”

Back in July, Barnett’s husband killed a copperhead snake after she had a close encounter with the deadly predator.

“I nearly stepped on it and then I just ran and waited for my husband to come outside and kill them,” she told reporters.

Fortunately, copperheads are not active during all times of the day. They’re busiest during dusk so that’s when Barnett takes her rifle and goes out to shoot them.

The snakes went away during last winter. But when the weather started warming up, the snakes quickly came back much to Barnett’s horror.

“Once they start taking over, they’ll take over,” said Randall Kennedy of Fort Worth Wildlife, a nuisance wildlife removal company. “There can be quite a few of them.”

Kennedy visited Barnett’s property to assess the snake infestation and see if he can get rid of them. Unfortunately, her home is the perfect breeding ground for the snakes.

“Any thicket is a real good place for them,” said Kennedy.

Over the last two years, Barnett’s home has gained an unsavory reputation.

“My little grandson says, ‘Mo Mo, you’ve got all these snakes,'” Barnett said. “I’ve showed him and said, ‘Mo Mo has a lot of snakes here.'”

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