One Of Her Babies Passes Away Unexpectedly. One Year Later, Stranger Hands Them A Note

Updated February 3, 2017

When a couple decides to have children it is the single biggest choice they will ever make in life. Like marriage, it means dedicating your life to another human being, and making sure they grow to become complete and wonderful human beings in their own right.

When one couple made the choice to become parents, their path was blocked at every turn. However, they were committed to having a family and they were able to overcome the obstacles. Their story will touch your heart.

Maxi and Dan Cortez of Cabot, Arkansas, are like a lot of young parents. Shortly after getting married, they decided to start a family. But they found getting pregnant was going to be no easy matter.

After years of trying, they were finally blessed with a pregnancy. When they went for an ultrasound to check on the health of their baby, they found out that they were expecting triplets, two girls and a boy.

On May 27, 2015, Maxi gave birth to Harper, Harlow, and Landon via Cesarian section. After five weeks in the hospital, the couple was able to bring their three bundles of joy home.

But just two weeks later, tragedy struck and little Landon contracted meningitis and passed away just two weeks later.

The family was heartbroken at the loss of their son. Holidays became difficult and even as the girls celebrated their first birthday, Landon was not far from his parents’ hearts and thoughts.

This past Father’s Day, the Cortez’s celebrated by going to dinner at a local Red Lobster restaurant. Dan and Maxi goofed off with their beautiful daughters, and really enjoyed themselves.

When the bill arrived at the end of the meal, Dan went to pay and discovered a note written on the back of the check. The note had been written by another couple dining near them and it said:

“Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy your babies. They don’t stay little long. From the family across from you! God bless you.”
After they returned home, Maxi was so moved by the kind words that she decided to use her Facebook page to track them down.

She posted a picture of the receipt along with this message:

“To the family in Red Lobster who sat across from us today. You never ask a question we never spoke a word. Yet you did something for us that we will never forget. When the waitress handed us your note the tears began to fall. To you we looked like just a family of 4 celebrating the most important man in our lives. Little did you know last year we celebrated as a family of 5. You see this past year we lost one of our triplets! The holidays are always the hardest. Without knowing any of this you paid for our meal. You might never know our story or the impact of something so little could affect our lives. I’m writing you to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I hope this post reaches you, so one day you might know that what might seemed like a small gesture of kindness to you, made celebrating my wonderful husband just a little bit easier this year!”

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