One Of Her Dogs Ruined Her Shoes. As Soon As She Asks Who Did It, It’s So Obvious. Lol

Updated August 30, 2016

We all know that dogs are not good at hiding their misbehavior. When they think that their owner is not happy with something they’ve done, they usually put on a guilty, puppy face and avoid eye contact.

Well after Argentine owner Daniel Martino came back to his Buenos Aires home, he saw that one of his two dogs had chewed up the insole in his shoe.

In the clip, Martino is trying to figure out which dog is guilty. Is it his long-haired dachshund? Or is it his gray and white pit bull?

Watch the video to see how obvious it is to see!

The hilarious video has been making the rounds on social media after Martino shared the clip to his account online.

The video starts by showing the two dogs sitting side by side just outside the door. But even from the beginning the pit bull is very focused at the floor for some reason.

The man behind the camera asks, “Who was it? Who did this to my insole? Which one of you two was it?”

At these questions, both dogs look away as if they’ve naughty little children.

But the Daniel has a plan. He will show them the evidence and see which dog reacts. So Daniel picks up the sole and then throws it down on the ground in front of the dogs.

The pit bull cracks under the pressure and tries to escape and hide behind the succulent plant.

But the dachshund doesn’t allow Daniel’s intimidation technique to work.

“No it wasn’t you, was it?” he says, as it is clear who has done the dirty work.

“Mister, you over there, did you do this, I am talking to you, look at me,” says Daniel to his naughty pit bull.

But it is not over for the dachshund. Daniel says, “You’re an accomplice in all of this.”

The two dogs have become overnight sensations as the video has already been viewed more than 4,000,000 times online.

But a select few people are not amused by the video. They have even gone so far as to accuse Daniel of animal abuse which seems ridiculous. The dog owner thought so too so he wrote this in response on Facebook, “Now they’re saying I abuse my dogs. HAHAHA you all know deep inside that you can hear the dogs screaming ‘Help me.’”

Watch the footage and decide which dog is guilty!

In the comments on Daily Mail, viewers aren’t so sure the pit bull is guilty…

“As a dachshund owner, I find it highly likely that the pit-bull is being made the fall guy. My dachshunds have no problem looking me in the eye when they have done something wrong and know that they can get the cat to take the blame. Besides, if the pittie had done it, there wouldn’t be anything left for evidence!”

“I almost feel sorry for the dogs! But to be honest, this is a mild mannered reprimand. They just take it very seriously! What wonderful dogs.”

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