One Of The Most Talented Groups Of The 50s, But Few People Remember Their Name. Do You?

Updated November 3, 2016

When it comes to music, you can usual tell when a perform values the art like the greats that have gone down in history as the best. Other times you can tell they’re just in for the fame like most of the pop artists of today.

While Elvis Presley was one of the few artists who was able to combine his talent with his personality to create a lasting legacy of music, he was not the only performer to go down in history as amazing. But with more than 1,200 live performances throughout his career, Elvis knew a thing or two about wooing a crowd.

Below, you’ve got to see the Collins Kids perform. This rockabilly brother-sister duo from the 1950s will knock you off your feet!

Although Steve Harvey has launched a new show called “Little Big Shots” that features talented children performers, we have been appreciating kid musicians for eons. There is just something electric about a young perform eager to get in front of a crowd and show everyone what they’ve been practicing their entire lives.

If you’ve never had the pleasure to witness the Collins Kids perform, then you’re in for a treat. The video below is extremely impressive.

The impressive Collins Kids group consists of Lorrie who is the eldest sibling. She is the main singer and has a beautiful voice. Her younger brother, Larry is the guitar player who pounds away on a massive double neck guitar in the video included today.

The Collins Kids were best known for their popular songs “Hop, Skip and Jump”, “Beetle Bug Bop,” and “Hoy Hoy”. In 1954, the Collins Kids got their start on the radio program called Town Hall Party.

But they were much too good to stay on that program forever. They were eventually picked up and became regulars on the TV program “Tex Ritter’s Ranch Party.”

However, the Collins Kids didn’t just make headlines for their music. Lorrier was actually teen heartthrob Ricky Nelson’s first public girlfriend. And that made a lot of teenage girls very jealous.

Spend the next 3-minutes enjoying the Collins Kids performance in the video below!

You’ll quickly see why we were so blown away by this dynamic duo. Lorrie has a magnetic voice and her younger brother is bursting with talent and passion he can’t even stand still on the stage!

The pair form the kind of one-two punch that makes America fall in love.

When people are talking about the good old days, this is the kind of thing they mean.

You’ll be able to see them perform “Shortnin’ Bread” and “Hot Rod” in the video here today.

Here’s what some fans wrote in the comments:

“Amazing, The Collins Kids, nobody today even close or in their league.”

“This brother/sister act, The Collins, is Great. A couple of years before my time. Fantastic vocalists, guitar playing–the entire presentation! Amazing!”

Great performances like this are a dime a dozen these days. No longer do musicians need to be good. They just have to look good. Music producers manipulate their voices and instruments to make sure they are hitting the right notes.

The Collins Kids could really play!