Out Of All The Ways I’ve Seen To Cut A Watermelon, This Is Without A Doubt The Best Way

Updated May 11, 2017

A watermelon can be a cumbersome fruit to cut, but it’s always been a summer staple that’s well worth the effort.

Turns out, we’ve been cutting watermelon all wrong this whole time. We wish we knew this clever cutting hack a long time ago.

This video has been around for a while, but it never fails to be the go-to tutorial for anyone looking for an easier way to handle a watermelon. The result? Easy to grab watermelon slices for your next bar-b-que or picnic!

Begin with your watermelon on a cutting board (make sure you’ve got a steady surface) and a sharp knife. Turn the watermelon so that one end faces you and begin making a cut into the side of the fruit, turning it while continuing to cut, until you’ve sliced it all the way around and all the way through.

Now you’ll have two halves of watermelon. Stack the halves so it looks like a whole fruit again and begin cutting slices down the fruit, from top to bottom. Continue until you’ve sliced the entire watermelon.

Next, give it a turn, still keeping all of those slices together, and slice through again. You’ll want to make sure you keep the fruit steady and take your time so that it doesn’t slide.

Now that you’ve finished with all of the slicing, you can present it to guests by putting half of it, flat side down, on a serving plate, making sure you have all of the pieces together to resemble a full half of the fruit. Guests can now easily grab pieces out of the watermelon in stick form to enjoy!

Commenters on the YouTube video weighed in on whether or not this hack was helpful, with a range of reactions. One person pondered, “videos like these make me wonder how the hell other people are cutting their watermelons,” while another commented: “The moment when you realize you’ve been doing it the right way all along.”

Others were slightly more impressed, with comments like: “That is the best way to cut a watermelon well done and I love your videos, “I’m so gonna do this,” and “I LOVE this life hack!!! I’ve sliced watermelon similar to this but always removed the skin completely first. This is my new favorite way to slice and serve watermelon, with the skin on for holding on one side.”

Another commenter noted: “That knife must be very, very sharp!,” while still another wondered if those with smaller hands could handle the job, writing: “Seems like you need gigantic hands to really do this.”

One person was a big fan, writing: “Love the cut, sizes are perfect.”

This person may just have an easier solution that requires far fewer cuts and less margin of error: “I know for a fact that no one who loves watermelon would do this. For a melon that size, the proper cut is down the middle. Then you grab a spoon and eat it.”

Okay, that hack is definitely one to try too!