Out Of Nowhere 68-Year-Old Is Thrown On The Streets, Weeks Later He’s Handed A Stack Of Envelopes

Updated July 28, 2017

People uproot their lives so often these days that they often leave a long line of history behind them and friendships and life moments often get forgotten and buried. Every now and then a life is discovered and moments rekindled and this is only getting more common as people are highly connected thanks to social media.

Titus Blade Steele had lived in his Memphis apartment for nearly 12 years so he was expectedly devastated when he was thrown out on the streets with no place to go. All of his belongings were scattered on the front lawn and he had no place to store them. He even had to say goodbye to his pet cats, because he had no way to take care of them so they ended up at the Memphis Animal Shelter. Trying to sell his stuff quickly, the 69-year-old man’s belongings got distributed amongst several different buyers and when the local news station caught wind of his situation they decided to look through some of his items and learned that Titus Blade Steele had quite a history.

One reporter learned that the man had documented his entire life when they found several newspaper clippings which revealed a lot about the man and who he was. There were several newspaper clippings that had the information about the murder of his brother who had been murdered. It was clear that this horrible incident had shaped and altered Steele’s life, making a major impact on him.

While Steele definitely experienced hardship in his 69 years, the reporter also discovered that he was a well-loved artist, writer, and traveler. Several photos and article clippings were found that showed off his old photos, mural paintings, galleries. It was also obvious that Steele spent countless hours volunteering his time.

When Steele met with the reporter he shared a bit more about his life. He had always been active in giving back, which is one of the reasons why he continuously took in stray cats and has adopted more than 20 strays over the years. He said it was his feline friends that helped him get through the difficult times.

Steele’s story hit headlines and less than a month later, several people had reached out wanting to offer their help. His former high school classmates even came forward after they hadn’t seen him for decades. They admitted that they never forgot him and he was a pioneer in the school system because he was one of the first African-American students to go to Memphis Technical High School and he was recognized for his talent, courage and great personality.

Several classmates sent him kind and thoughtful letters and even money, amounting to $1500.

One of the letters shared said the following…

“With your warm and cheerful smile, you broke down barriers and made friends that will last a lifetime,” one of his classmates wrote in a letter to him.

“This is so generous I could cry,” said Steele, in an interview on the news.

Steele’s story proves that regardless of how difficult a situation you are in, there are always people willing to help.