Out Of Nowhere They Spot Their Beloved Dog Lunge Towards Their Baby. Then They See He Saved His Life

Updated October 20, 2016

It happens to all dog parents when they have a human baby. They say that the dog will never be pushed aside when the baby is born and the parents of the fur baby never imagine to put a human baby before their loving fur ball on all fours. But, once that human arrives, the dog reluctantly takes the backseat. Every little thing in the baby’s life instantly becomes a priority over the puppy love that they once felt for their dog.

The next concern that parents have is that the dog that they’ve grown to know for years will have a quirk in behavior and turn on their baby or even their grown child. The story has been told numerous times-a child tugs on the ears of the dog in just the wrong way and the dog pounces. Families have had to put long-time family pets down to ensure the safety of their children and other children in the neighborhood. It’s not a risk that anyone wishes to take and it’s hard to tell if a bond between child and dog has gone in the wrong direction. Sometimes, in an instant, a dog can transform into a jealous creature.

When Tennessee resident Bryan Holloway, was out in the backyard with his 18-month old son and their Australian Shepherd, Shiloh, he was taken aback when he saw the friendly dog jump up and pounce in the direction of his son. Holloway assumed his worst fears were coming true right before his eyes. Holloway fled to the scene and expected to see a screaming little boy and angry dog, but instead he discovered that Shiloh, the family pet, had been protecting his family.

When a venomous Copperhead snake was making a move toward the little boy, Bryson, Shiloh jumped into action and attacked the snake before it could reach the boy. The snake had been approaching Bryson’s foot, when Shiloh grabbed the reptile with his mouth. His instincts gave him the ability to sense the snake’s presence and watch with a hunting eye as he pin pointed the reptile and tackled him.

By the time Holloway reached the scene, Shiloh had already been bitten on the lip. His neck had started to swell, so Holloway and his wife Alicia gave him Benadryl and Amoxicillin before rushing him to the nearby vet hospital. Had Bryson been bit before Shiloh could reach the snake, the boy would have been in severe condition and the family admits they don’t know if they could’ve gotten him to the hospital on time. Holloway killed the snake, hoping to prevent another frightening attack.

Both Shiloh and Bryson are doing well. Shiloh certainly made his way into the hearts of his family members and he can be trusted enough to maybe one day be promoted to babysitter.