Overly Confident Teen Tries to Jump Past Rolling Hay Bale. Ends Much Worse Than Anyone Expected

Updated July 12, 2017

Teenagers do bizarre things. Sometimes they are on a mission to prove themselves to their pals and other times they simply want to try something that hasn’t been done before. Some say it’s because they don’t think things through before they try them out and they don’t understand consequences.

One teen had his mind set on conquering a rolling bale of hay, but he failed to time his execution accurately and found himself being dominated by the hay. The British teen decided that he was going to try and leap over a fast moving bale that was spinning like a tornado down the hill but his epic failure to do so was captured on film, making him the star of a hilariously popular viral video.

You can witness his part brave part not-so-bright attempt in the video below. At first, it looks like the teen may have a slight chance and his confidence is apparent as he stands front and center of the bale of hay that is rolling toward him. But the part that he underestimates is the rapid speed that the bale manages to pick up as it barrels down the hill. Just as the bale approaches him, the teen uses the strength of his legs to launch himself up and over the bale, but instead, he ends up getting pummeled by the hay and soon you see his figure flying in the air. His body looks like a mannequin as it flips over a few times before landing on the hill and continuing to roll a few more times for good measure.

It looks as if the bale of hay is going to roll completely over him, but he misses getting flattened like a pancake by about a foot. It’s hard to tell if he is injured but he does sit upright at the end of the video. The “hay jumper,” has been identified as a teen named Connor and he admitted that he “didn’t think it through,” before attempting the ultimate jump. He also said that he had trouble moving his back after the incident. At least he has a good attitude about it all. It would be interesting to find out if he trained for this once-in-a-lifetime stunt prior to executing it. Maybe teens all over the world will start jumping bales of hay and turn the adventure into an individual sport.

The video received tens of thousands of views and commenters had a lot to say…

“Lack of understanding of physics will get you every time!”

“The velocity of hay bale running downhill is directly proportional to the velocity of brain running away.”

Not everyone felt sorry for him…

“He was lucky this time, he could’ve easy broke his back and never walk again. Idiots….”

And of course, people found the puns in the humorous situation…

“He got Hayed down,” said one commenter

This guy already has such a colossal following he could probably make a living doing stunts and posting them online.