Owner Abandons Pit Bull Under A Tree To Die, Leaves Behind Disturbing Note

Updated September 29, 2017

It is always a heartbreaking decision to get rid of a pet. Some people decided that their animal has gotten too old and sick and needs to be put down. This is a hard one to deal with, but at least they lived a long happy life. Others realize that they’re incapable of caring for the animal and bring them to a rescue shelter to be adopted into another forever home. And some, the lowest of pet owners, simply abandon their animals when they’re through with them, tired or overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for another life. This story deals with a Connecticut family that lost everything and needed to live out of their car. And because they had a pit bull who needed a lot of space, they knew that the right decision was to find some place to take the dog so the animal could move on and be happy. Their journey to find someone to take the dog turned into a struggle itself.

When the down-and-out Connecticut family became homeless, they realized that they had no resources to care for their needy pit bull named Fatty McFat.

So, they sought to find him a new home or at least an organization that would take Fatty McFat in and help find him a new family to love.

They reached out to 50 organizations, but the owner could not find one person or organization to take in Fatty McFat because he had a habit of violently snapping at whatever was close when he felt threatened – which was often.

Because their dog was not well trained and they had nowhere else to turn, the homeless owner decided to abandon the pit bull in a cage on the doorstep of a veterinarian’s office.

The owner placed Fatty McFat in the shade of a tree outside Litchfield Hills Veterinary Animal Hospital with a note clipped to the cage. This is what the note said:

“My name if Fatty McFat. I am aggressive only because I’m scared. My owner loves me very much, I am their life. My human went homeless and found out they have a disease and cannot care for me. Please don’t judge them.

“They tried to rehome me on many documented attempts. NO one cared! Attempted the vet, they did not care! Call police, dog warden, did not care.

“I know my human loves because they were and are the only one who gave every attempt to save me, love me, and pamper me. It is not fair for me to live in a car which I have been for 2 months and my human cries every day that they are sorry and love me.

“I am very, very overly protective of my human and will bite anyone who comes near them or I feel is a threat. My human went homeless due to my biting.

“All my human wants is for me to have a chance to be treated with care, dignity and love me no matter the outcome. My human is heartbroken and very sad it has come to this. No one would help.”

Local authorities are now looking for the owner who abandoned the dog because rescue organizations would have taken the canine in.