Owner Brings Cat In After Her Nose Doesn’t Stop Growing, Vet Grabs Forceps And Yanks It Out

Updated September 13, 2017

It’s quite alarming when your new pet has a sudden ailment. Especially if that new pet is just a baby.

Not long after they adopted a brand new kitten, the new owners noticed that the kitten’s sweet little nose was horribly swollen. The were instantly concerned so they took her to the vet right away.

By the time they got to the vet, the kitten’s nose had swollen even more. It had gotten so big that she couldn’t even manage to hold her head up. Within seconds of examining the kitten, the vet knew what was wrong with her. Soon, the veterinarian, Dr. Farrington was informing the owners of the shocking news. The kitten had a massive cuterebra living inside her nose.

In order to save the kitten’s life, Dr. Farrington had to act quickly. Because of the young age of the kitten, the doctor had to forego putting her under anesthesia, so she had to rely on her own methods of soothing the pain-ridden kitten.

After wrapping the kitten in a blanket to keep her safe and secure, she started to pull the parasite out of her nose with tweezers. Slowly but surely she pulled out the massive maggot, leaving the kitten’s nostril to look like a large gaping hole.

If you have a weak stomach you may want to think twice before watching the video as it has the potential to make some a bit queasy.

Commenters shared their thoughts on the painful video…

“The kitten must have felt an immense relief once the parasite was out.”

Some questioned the crying noise in the background of the video…

“I’m glad the kitten is safe. Parasites are the worst. The thing I’ve been wondering is, was it the kitten making that noise in the video?”

And some hoped that the kitten at least had a little pain relief…

“That looks painful ..did they at least numb him before yanking that thing out?”

In response to someone questioning the loyalty of a cat after being saved, one commenter wrote…

“Cats are loyal and attached to people that saved them. My rescue cat used to cry when I went out even for a few hours. She was not alone and she had everything she needed – attention from my family, food, water, clean sand, lots of toys… but when I went out, she cried at the window and then sat by the front door and waited for me to get home…my boyfriend and I saved her when she was a baby but I took care of her, helped her heal and comforted her when she was scared so she got very attached to me… she is not the cuddly type but she shows her affection very clearly… With cats – it’s all about the respect and not possession …You do not own a cat, you create a relationship with a cat.”

If this cat has any ounce of appreciation, she will remain loyal to her owners for helping rid her of such pain. Who knows how big that critter would’ve gotten if it had even longer to grow.