Owner Comes Home To Complete Mess, Follows Trail And Finds Culprit Red-Handed [video]

Updated February 22, 2017

As any dog owner knows, no matter how well behaved your canine is, sometimes they can do something that is naughty. Either they chew a shoe, knock something over, eat food from a plate on the table, or drink toilet water from the bowl. Although there is no maliciousness behind their crazy antics, they realize later that they did something wrong.

And when these pooches put on their guilty faces, far too often their owners outrage and willingness to punish simply withers up. They’re just too cute when they know they’ve done wrong.

When a bartender came home after a hard day of work, she was greeted with a surprise from her dog. And she would be cleaning up the feathers for weeks to come…

Sophie Robinson came home on Friday to a surprise of thousands of feathers strewn about her apartment. They were on the floor, up the stairs, in the hallway, and all seemed to lead to one place – the living room.

When she followed the trail of feathers, Robinson found her beloved pet down Yogi, lying on the armchair with himself all curled up looking mighty guilty.

Sophie is a 23-year-old woman who lives with her mother in Stockport, UK. And the funny video was shared online and quickly went viral. The clip was uploaded with the caption “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Apparently, the 1-year-old pooch got hold of a large feather cushion and tore it to shreds. Because he was alone while Sophie was out of the house, he had a field day and Sophie was left cleaning up the mess for five days.

“I knew something was wrong as soon as I walked up the drive – he’s normally there in the window waiting for me, then he runs to the front door when he sees me. But not on Friday. I walked in the house and that is actually what I walked in to. Yogi was just sat on the chair looking at me like ‘I know, I know, I did it I’m sorry!’”

Sophie had removed the cover from the cushion to wash it. She had left it in her room when she left the house and forgot to close her bedroom door. Yogi quickly got ahold of the feather fun sac.

“Yogi has gone in and got it, and well, you can see what happened. It’s not the first time, usually it’s just a bit of paper or some cardboard, although last week he managed to get one of my childhood teddies.

“The poor bear had survived 20 years, with four cats, two dogs. It’s now sat in a bag waiting to be taken to a toy maker to be repaired!”

An estimated 10,000 feathers were flying around her house. After two hours, she picked up the main heaps, but that hardly got the rest of the mess off the floor.

“We are still finding them now,” Sophie said about the feathers.

Check out the heartwarming video below!

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