Owner Sets Up Camera To Record Conversation He Has With His Dog, Has Me In Stitches [watch]

Updated March 16, 2017

Every now and then we like to proclaim our love for all things doggie. They are just the best companions and pets anyone could hope for, and almost everything they do brings us joy.

We just found this hysterical video clip on YouTube of a dog and his person having a conversation. While we have no idea what they are talking about, it is one of the funniest videos we have seen, and you are going to die laughing when you watch it.

In this clip, we get to see a basset hound and his person having some sort of conversation. While none of us around here ever learned how to speak dog, this guy clearly knows his way around the language.

Basset hounds are one of the best smelling dogs around. No, we do not mean they smell nice. What we mean is that basset hounds can smell better than just about any other breed except for their direct cousin the bloodhound.

They were originally bred as a hunting dog and love running through brush and chasing around in a pack with other dogs.

They are also extremely friendly and well deposed and make great pets for families with little kids or other dogs.

Their short stature can be deceiving, as they are extremely large and long except for their legs. They can reach things that other dogs can not and they weigh more than most small breeds. The short legs are a result of a genetic predisposition towards a kind of dwarfism.

We nearly cracked up when we first found this video on YouTube, and we are not the only ones. This video has gone viral with more than seventeen thousand views. And many people are taking to the comments section on YouTube to say things like:

“I speak dog and I can tell you that dog is basically saying “Hey, buddy? Do you mind shutting up so I can have a nap? some of us have got cats/postmen to chase in the morning”- Adam Cocker

“HaHa! ‘What do you mean, “YOUR” chair? I was here first. Dibs.’”- R. McBride

“I have a beagle and she does this, especially in the morning when she’s tired.”- Why me

“This is so lovely it made me cry.”- Michelle Davis

“Way cuter than I thought it would be.”- Fraziermay

“Ha ha great.”- Scooby Doo

“I love hound dogs.”- Kevin Coots

“Bassett hounds are the best.”- Daniel

“At first, Who is who? hehe, Interesting.”- Harvin Desire

“That dog’s face is just so darn cute at the beginning of the video it makes me want to tackle him and give him a bear hug.”- Anon.

“what a beautiful animal and really who cares what percentage of words she understands from her master. clearly, she has vocal and she is communicating, and that in and of itself is a milestone for a dog.”- Check Tease

“Better conversation than a lot of people I know.”- Philos Jutsus

Do you ever talk with your dog? Does it ever respond like it is trying to talk back? Share your funny stories with us here.