Owner Tells Beloved Cat It’s Time To Go Home, His Reaction Has Me On The Floor [video]

Updated May 11, 2017

This cat clearly got a taste of outdoor freedom that he wasn’t ready to give up for anything.

Not even for the cozy warmth and spoils of what was inside the house.

Oh cats, never stop being you.

Luigi’s owner caught the moment he attempted to get the cat back inside, but the leaf he was playing with just proved to be more interesting than anything his owner could offer.

Luigi, it appears, doesn’t want to go inside for all the milk and treats in the world, and protests so passionately, he’s seen digging his claws in and holding on for dear life. Luigi’s owner attempts to chase after and then pull the cat off of the tree he’s scaled, but that cat isn’t giving in without a fight.

Meanwhile, the pug in the background looks suitably confused and unimpressed by the whole scene.

The owner continues to try and detach the cat from the tree, but Luigi holds on tightly, wrapped around the trunk, as the man goes every which way without any luck. He’s eventually heard saying sternly, “let go.” The man appears to almost have him free from being wrapped around the tree, but the cat hangs on by his claws.

Eventually, the man lets go and Luigi climbs back down, with his owner clearly defeated, heard saying, “I give up.” Luigi returns to the fun of his little leaf as the man pretends to walk away, saying, “come home…you come home,” then he makes a last ditch to try and lunge toward the cat and swiftly grab him.

Guess what? Kitty is too fast for that move, guy. He quickly hops away from the man’s grasp and takes off running.

Commenters on the video noted: “this is too funny” and “now that’s a real tree hugger right there.”

You can follow along with more of Luigi and the dog (Bandito) adventures on their Facebook page, Pug and Cat. The page explains: “Pug and Cat, formerly known as Bandito and Luigi are the first and only Pug and Cat duo to walk across Spain on the famous Camino to Santiago route of 750km…. their amazing travels have taken them hiking on nearly 2000km across Spain… so far….”

On the video they posted on Facebook, titled, “When you don’t want to leave the party,” plenty of fans commented on the cat’s hilarious antics.

People noted: “I caught me a leaf. Big, bad hunter. Lol,” “I love the look on Banditos face..that’s my brother! Oh Luigi not only are you holding onto the tree but the leaf too!!! Lol silly boy!!,” “I’m not going, I love this place so much I pretend I’m a koala bear” and “Love it! We have a mad cat too, she’s 16 but doesn’t behave like it (after all, nobody told her she’s old!) Thank you for making Fb a happier place with Pug and Cat!”

Others added: “Such a determined kitty! Just love his tenacity” and “’NOOOOOOO, just one more climb and eat leaf fun!’”