Owner Tells Bull Mastiff It’s Time For Bed, Dog’s Defiance Has Me In Stitches [video]

Updated March 16, 2017

Every parent knows that kids can be as stubborn as mules around bedtime. They simply want to stay up and watch television. It makes them feel like a grown up and part of the group. But they need a bed and it’s a parent’s job to help them make the best choices in life.

But children are not the only young ones stubborn when it comes to going to bed. In a recent viral video, one bull mastiff puppy was caught being adorably stubborn when his owner tried to get him to go to bed. Watch this clip below and then pass it on to a friend to brighten their day!

The clip begins with the camera pointed toward the puppy lying in the background. The owner walks over and the dog instantly knows what is up. He rolls onto his side and then onto his back to make it harder for the human to move him.

But dad has had to deal with this stubborn dog before. He knows that no amount of pleading will get the dog to budge. So, he cuts to the chase and starts pushing the big puppy across the floor to his crate.

The bull mastiff continues to make it difficult for his human to move him. But the dog’s dad doesn’t want to give in. About halfway through the video, dad slips his hands under the dog’s torso and starts lifting him up.

The dog simply plays dead. He knows that if he acts like a dead weight, it will be much harder for dad to move him.

The video description posted on Rumble reads, “You think kids can be stubborn at bedtime but have they ever done THIS? Check out the hilarious bedtime routine this dog owner has to go through as he tries to put his bull mastiff puppy in its cage. What a workout!”

When dad gets the dog on his feet, he walks in the opposite direction of the crate. Clearly, the dog associates bad memories with the treat. Maybe dad should use treats to train the dog to get into bed since he is being so difficult.

Here’s what viewers wrote on Rumble’s YouTube channel page:

“Dogs generally love having a den of their own. Sure as pups they sometimes don’t want to go to bed. Because kids hate bedtime. But as a rule, if you treat the crate as a positive experience, they actually become fond of it and use it as a safe space. I’d say make it enticing for him by using food, but not all dogs are food motivated. But there will be something the dog loves and if you associate it with the crate, both things become good,” wrote Statia Square.

“Very funny, couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve tried doing the same with my golden retriever but as I’m an older woman and laughed even more that he got exhausted. Imagine how hard it is for me,” shared Lestki.

What do you think dad should do to get his dog to sleep?

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