Owners Hear Car Horn Blaring At Night. Calls Cops Once She Sees Creature Stuck Inside

Updated October 3, 2017

It’s an annoying thing. When you hear loud noises like car horns blaring in the middle of the night, all you want to do is make them shut up. But when they relentlessly continue, you have to pull yourself out of bed and confront the perpetrator – or just live with it. Ryan McClanahan and his wife were not the kind of people to sit back and let someone mistreat them. They pulled themselves out of bed and went outside to confront the jerk who was relentlessly blaring the car horn. But that’s when they realized something weird. The horn that was blaring was coming from their car. And that’s when they realized what was trapped inside…

The McClanahans from Roanoke, Virginia could never have guessed what behemoth had broken into their car and gotten stuck. It is almost something that no one would ever believe unless they saw it for themselves. Perhaps that’s why Ryan decided to film the moment. He knew no one would have believed him otherwise.

The couple had a bear cub trapped inside their car. Because they had no way to help the bear out of the vehicle – without putting themselves into harm’s way – they smartly called the local police department. When the police heard what was going on, they went out Roanoke County Police Officer Chris Thayer to handle the situation. But Thayer was way in over his head on this one.

Thayer showed up to the McClanahans’s home around 5 a.m. Because there were no broken windows in sight, Thayer determined that the animal must have opened a door and gotten stuck inside. Here is just another reason why you need to start locking your doors at night – bears can break in! Who knew?

“It was misty, so you could see where he tried to reach for the handle, he opened the handle,” Thayer to WDBJ-TV. “Once he got into the car, he locked himself because he couldn’t get himself out.”

Because the bear was seated in the driver’s seat, it looked like the animal wanted to take the car on a joyride. It is no wonder the bear kept honking the car. He must have wanted Ryan to give him the keys. But in all seriousness, the bear was probably stuck and struggling to get out – hence all the beeping early in the morning.

Thayer took a risk. He popped open one of the rear doors. Then he backed away from the car. With the escape route available, the bear cub ran out the door and into the woods. He weighed about 200-pounds and could have caused some real damage if the McClanahans had gotten closer and tried to get the bear out themselves.

Thayer and the Roanoke County Police Department shared the footage to their Facebook page. In response, Mary McClanahan thanked Thayer for his good police work.

“Thank you Officer Thayer!! It was quite alarming, and we appreciate your swift, effective action!!”

Watch the bear cub escape from the back of the car in the video provided below. As you can see, Thayer opens the back door and then hightails it out of there before the bear can hurt him.

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