Parents Kiss Sick Baby When Doctors Turn Off Life Support. Then God Proved He Was There

Updated July 28, 2017

The news that baby Bella had with a terminal disease was heartbreaking for her parents. Francesca and Lee Moore-William were saddened when they learned that their toddler had a terminal illness called Mitochondrial disease. Doctors confidentially told Bella’s parents that the baby had no chance of surviving. Yet they tried everything they could to give her a chance. Finally, the doctors told the parents that it was time to take the baby off life support. Her parents gave the child one last kiss goodbye as the life support machine was turned off. Then they witnessed a God-given miracle. With the life support machine disabled, baby Bella came back from the brink of death – and just in time for Christmas.

Within moments of kissing baby Bella goodbye and turning off her life support machine, the baby started to make a recovery. It was impossible, the doctors thought, it was a miracle.

41-year-old Francesca and her 44-year-old husband Lee were shocked to watch the child fight through the impossible. They had expected her to take her last breath. And they even took one final photograph as the loving parents wept over the dying body of their baby girl, Bella.

Mrs Moore-Williams said: “We were waiting for her to take her final breath.”

But thirty minutes after their final kiss, Bella, who was given up for dead, started kicking and screaming. The machines started beeping. The doctors were stunned. Her condition had miraculously improved.

Although doctors failed to explain how baby Bella came back to life like this, they now believe that her condition can be managed with drugs.

She recovered so quickly that she was able to get discharged from the hospital and return home with her family to celebrate Christmas Day at their Clacton-on-Sea, Essex home.

Francesca, who is a mother of two, was amazed and overjoyed that her baby came back to life.

“It’s just amazing. It’s like we have won the lottery. She made our family complete and it now it’s great to see how well she is doing. When she says “mama” it melts my heart.”

Bella first started exhibiting symptoms of some disease when her hair began falling out at 14 months old. She couldn’t use her high chair properly and would always slump. Hospital tests could not find the cause.

Three months after the initial symptoms, the family had taken a holiday to Gran Canaria and Bella’s condition drastically degraded. Her energy levels plummeted.

The day after they returned from vacation, they took her to the doctor who admitted her to the Colchester Hospital.

As her conditioned worsened, she was diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease, a terminal condition.

Francesca said, “We were told three times that it’s not looking like she was going to survive, so every day we were sat at her bedside praying.”

She miraculously recovered and now the family was able to celebrate Christmas as a unit.

“She made our family complete and now it’s great to see how well she is doing and when she says “mama” it just melts my heart,” her mom said. “We are so excited to be together this Christmas and sit and watch them open their presents.”

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