Parents Learn Daughter Won’t Live Long Enough To See Their Wedding, Take Action

Updated October 12, 2017

Weddings are some of the most joyous occasions in life. This past weekend, my best friend from childhood got married in New Bedford, Massachusetts. I was honored to give a toast and roast him about the time I visited him in Alaska and we almost got stuck on a glacier. There was dancing and very good food. In the end, we all had a great time. But weddings are not always the happiest of occasions. While they’re meant to celebrate the uniting of two families and the honoring of love, if the circumstances surrounding the weddings are not happy, then the occasion could be affected. If a family member dies before the big day or someone gets very sick. These types of things could change how people feel about the wedding. And that’s what happened when two love birds were about to get married. Their daughter had gotten deathly sick. And she had always dreamed about being the flower girl at her parents’ wedding.

Tania Miller and Jacob Skaratts couldn’t believe that their daughter Paige’s health had taken a turn for the worst. She was in the hospital. Her parents could hardly accept that Paige was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.

Because they understood that time was running short, they could no longer wait for their wedding date. Poor Paige might not make it that long.

So Tania and Jacob did the only thing they could. They moved up their wedding date and decided to get married in the hospital. This way Paige would have the honor of being their flower girl like she had always wanted.

Paige’s aunt Innez Stonnel jumped at the opportunity to help. And because Innez had the eye for design, she worked all night turning Paige’s hospital room into a wedding venue.

As time was running out, wedding photographer Kylie Marcic arrived for the big day and started taking photos of Tania and Jacob’s wedding day.

Although it was in their sick daughter’s hospital room, the family managed to have a special day. And Paige had the chance to be their flower girl.

In the photos, you’ll see the bride preparing for her big day. And Paige couldn’t be more excited.

Although Tania and Jacob are heartbroken that their daughter has a terminal tumor, they still manage to turn the experience into something fun. And they are all too happy to include Paige as their flower girl.

Because they’re getting married in a hospital room, they have the constant reminder of the medical equipment around them. This makes it hard for Tania to forget about her daughter’s condition. She has to simultaneously take in the happiest day of her life and the horrible news that Paige is not going to pull through.

When they start walking down the aisle, Jacob and Tania have Paige between them.

Although she is in a wheelchair, she is given the opportunity to be her parents’ flower girl like she had always dreamed.

Watch the video below to get more insight into this special wedding that included the whole family.