Parents Wake Up The Next Morning And Review Baby’s Nursery Camera, Has Them Thanking God

Updated July 11, 2017

There are few things that can make a family feel violated more than experiencing a home invasion. Knowing that someone has broken into your sovereign domicile and looked into your private belongings is the sort of crime that sends chills up a homeowner’s spine and can even make you think about moving. The worst part is when it occurs at night when the family is at home. One Texas family watched their security camera in horror, as a home invader stood over their sleeping baby’s crib. You will not believe this brazen criminal until you watch this terrifying video.

In this clip we watch as a man walks into the bedroom of a sleeping baby in the middle of the night at the home of an unidentified Texas household. At one point he stands over the crib for several long moments, and later turns to the security camera and says “I’m here, don’t care.”

The family turned the recording over to law enforcement who are now asking for the public’s help in tracking the burglar down and bringing him to justice.

The incident happened in 2014, and since the video was posted to YouTube, more than one hundred and forty thousand people have watched it. Some people have left comments like:

“best hunt the guy down cause letting idiots like his get away with it will only increase their tendencies to do it again and again, and sometimes they progress onto more serious crimes. I hate when people excuse criminal scum by trying to look at the bright side of shit while ignoring the fact that not doing anything is enabling them.”- sclock2

“He didn’t kill the baby at least, and took a max of $60, a laptop and a briefcase? It was later recovered? I wouldn’t waste time trying to hunt the guy down, I would spend time trying to improve my home defense.”- The Treebrook

“let me kick this punk’s head into a pulp… please!”- Andrew Stuart

While there are many expensive ways to protect your home from burglary, some of the least costly solutions actually can make your home safer.

When planning any landscaping for your home, make sure not to include too many areas that provide cover for would be criminals such as shrubs, bushes and trees, and keep them farther away from the sides of the house, and especially away from entry ways and windows.

Installing outdoor lighting with motion detectors can go a long way to keeping criminals at bay. Install them near windows and doors, and use the brightest bulbs possible.

Make sure to have at least three locks on every exterior door. The preferred setup is a locking door knob, a deadbolt lock, and a chain. On windows, make sure all the locks work correctly and even consider putting window jams in to ensure they can not be forced open.

Finally, window treatments like blinds and curtains will keep peeping toms out, and also prevent would be burglars from seeing what the inside layout of your home looks like. This will also prevent them from seeing any valuable but transportable possessions that might tempt them.

Have you ever had your home broken into? Do you have any other low cost tips for securing your home? Please share your thoughts and stories with us here.