Parrot Becomes Famous Overnight After Owner Posts This Video To Her Facebook Page [watch]

Updated March 15, 2017

If you’ve got a kid who is quick with a comeback or a constant line of questioning, we feel for you. But what about a sassy pet? Since most family pets aren’t the talking variety, parrot owners have a special kind of challenge to deal with that’s not a bark, meow, or other animal noise.

This parrot is the absolute comeback king, however.

Britches the parakeet has something to say at every turn of his petsitter’s request to stop pecking at her camera. Okay, so it’s fairly one note, but it definitely is reminiscent of a toddler firing back a quip. Britches’ go-to remark is “really?”

How does his petsitter handle that response? Well, there are some kind requests to back off her camera, even some reasoning (can you do that with a bird?) that it’s expensive. When his owner says “That’s not funny!,” Britches seems to erupt in a little cackle of laughter.

Too funny!

Britches is an Indian Ringneck Parakeet, and the adventures of this rescue bird can be followed along with on his Britches and Friends Facebook page. That’s right, Britches is internet famous!

As they explain on his Facebook page, his love of saying “really” isn’t the only interesting thing about this adorable bird. One post notes: “One thing I have not told you about Sir Britches, is that he has a ‘toe fetish.’ If you are around him with no shoes or socks, beware because he wants to kiss your toes.”

Fans checking out Britches “really?” video certainly enjoy his antics, with comments that include:

  • “This warms my heart. I melted at his little ‘Ooooh!’ at 0:23”
  • “hes a cute savage”
  • “Oh my goodness thats so adorable!”
  • “cuteness overload”
  • “too freakin cute!! i need this bird in my life!!”
  • “Clearly your bird is the boss of you…”

The now famous “Really?” video explains more about Britches in the description: “This is Britches. He is a little Indian Ring Neck Parakeet that was rescued and then adopted into a wonderful home. When Britches people travel, he comes to stay at Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee, a 501c3 Non-Profit Parrot Rescue, which is where I shoot his precious video’s. Please visit our website, and remember ADOPT, DON’T SHOP! His little voice is adorable, and his ‘Really’ antics were just too cute not to share. He has become quite popular on facebook and now has his own page. Please come check us out!”

We have a feeling that Britches brings a lot of personality to the mix, based on some of the other videos of the parakeet on YouTube. In one clip, he’s told he’s famous for his viral video. Guess what his response is? “Really?”

He’s so famous, the bird sanctuary had t-shirts made with his sweet face and the question “REALLY?” You can order one online, as the site explains the sanctuary’s goal: “Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee is a small Parrot Welfare Organization located just outside of Nashville, TN. Our goal is to provide a safe haven and optimal care for parrots whose owners can no longer care for them, until foster or adoption is found.”