Patriotic Students Seething After Finding Message Written On Sidewalk At 9/11 Memorial

Updated September 13, 2017

While most Americans were grieving the loss of the thousands killed on 9/11 back in 2001, students at Notre Dame were busy desecrating a 9/11 memorial on their campus. On Monday, Notre Dame’s Young Americans for Freedom club members found a message beneath the campus flagpole that attacked American patriotism and the fight against terrorism. The group of young people were scheduled to set up the 9/11 Never Forget Project when they found the vandalism at the site. Apparently, the students were not happy about the Iraq War and how President Bush responded to the 9/11 attacks. Because they had a message that they wanted to reach as many people as possible – and thanks to the Young Americans for Freedom club, millions have now seen it on social media.

Where the 9/11 memorial was to be placed, the shocked students in the freedom group read the words that were meant to shame the brave men and women who went overseas to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The vandals wrote, “We were dismayed to find our reserved space had been vandalized with the phrase ‘500,000 Iraqi’s murdered’”

Although the sidewalk message left some of the young patriots in tears, it did not stop them from assembling the 9/11 Never Forget Project at the Notre Dame campus.

After seeing the chalk-written message where they should be honoring those killed by the terrorists on 9/11, the Young Americans Freedom club saw the slander. That’s why they shared the following on their Facebook page:

“When we arrived to set up our 9/11 Never Forget Project this morning we were dismayed to find our reserved space had been vandalized with the phrase ‘500,000 Iraqi’s murdered’. The 9/11 Never Forget Project is not meant to divide the community, but unite us under the fact that 16 years and 2,977 flags later, we still remember the fallen. We still remember those who valiantly put themselves in harm’s way to save innocent American lives. We will never forget.”

Matthew Bartilotti is a YAF executive board member and a Notre Dame student. He posted a message on the group’s website:

“We find it very sad that somebody attempted to anonymously, under the cover of night, desecrate the site of our memorial remembering the death of nearly 3,000 innocent humans with this unnecessary rhetoric.”

Mail Online readers had a few words to share with the anti-military students at Notre Dame:

“Ah, the deluded youth of Notre Dame. They just make stuff up.”

One person didn’t think it was really vandalism:

“I wouldn’t say it was vandalized because it was written in chalk. I think it was simply an attempt to raise awareness of the fact that over 500,000 thousand Iraqis were killed because of an illegal war waged by Bush and Blair. Furthermore it achieved it’s objective as it’s in the news today being seen by millions of people.”

This is not the first time college students have vandalized memorials that honored the military and veterans. Last Veterans Day in Providence, Rhode Island, students at Brown University were seen tearing American flags out of the ground in an effort to stomp on the legacy of those who fought for freedom.