People Across The Country Are Shaming Woman For Way She Makes Her Living [video]

Updated February 2, 2017

We all need someone to lean on, and occasionally a cuddle is not a bad thing either. Human beings are naturally social, naturally tactile animals, who need physical intimacy to survive. Research has proven time and again the healing power of touch from one person to another.

Well, we just heard about a woman in Texas who has taking cuddling to a whole new level, and now, she is raking in the cash, running a very successful cuddling business. Her story is fascinating and you are not going to believe how much she earns.

Janet Travino would not call herself a “touchy-feely” kind of gal. But her clients certainly would.

Thirty seven year old Travino is a professional “cuddler.” Clients dole out eighty dollars an hour to lay down and cuddle with her.

But do not get the wrong impression, this is a strictly platonic kind of intimacy, as Janet explains:

“My whole life, I have done this kind of work. When I was 19 or 20, I wanted to be a missionary. I think people really need messages of hope and I wanted to spread that.’One day it hit me that I wasn’t satisfied with my sexuality. I wasn’t satisfied with who I was as a sexual being. I put a lot of pressure on my husband to take care of me, but I realised that the only person that is responsible for my sexuality is me. I did some sexuality workshops and I wanted to do more to get people talking about sexuality, so I created a meet-up where we could discuss what sexuality means to us.”

Unfortunately, as Travino began to come to terms with her sexuality, she and her husband grew further apart. They ended their relationship a couple of years ago.

Speaking about the relationship, she says “It was a really positive break up. I felt like my partner just couldn’t go with me down the path I was going down. He had loved me but I wanted to move on.

As she continued to explore intimacy, she discovered “cuddling” and was instantly hooked. She enrolled in seminars and courses to learn more about the practice.

“Once I started, I felt like it all clicked and I thought I was really good at it. I am not really a touchy feely person. That’s not me at all but I love it. I feel like cuddling helped me find that missing piece. I have been really successful. I have lots of people coming back. My typical clients tend to be retired veterans as I live military town but I’ve worked with all sorts of people. This provides my income now and it takes up a lot of my time.”

Travino can earn more than sixteen hundred dollars a week working between 13 and 20 hours. She started out cuddling here and there in August, but by september, there was so much demand for her cuddling services that she went full time.

Describing a cuddling session, she says “The way it works all depends on the person. It’s not like when you go for a massage. I talk to everyone over the phone first and try to find out what their needs are. I just try to make sure that they understand what it’s about and we are on the same page and that I am safe. It’s a way to build a culture of consent and boundaries. I ask them how they would like to experience touch. It’s important that they can say they hate it once we do it. It’s all about their comfort and respecting my comfort too. Before we start, I request for them to wash their hands, to give them a breather from our conversation. They leave their payment in the bathroom if they bought cash. Some people haven’t touched someone in decades. It’s really sweet. Even though we are basically strangers, I feel like I am in sixth grade and I feel the butterflies with each person. It’s awesome.”

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