People All Over Are Horrified By Dad’s Way Of Punishing Son For Being Rebellious (video)

Updated July 6, 2017

When the Baby Boomer generation was growing up, their parents were a lot stricter when it came to discipline and punishment. In our modern world, parents allow children to do anything and explain away their problems as “exploring.” But in China, parents still practice strict discipline with their misbehaving children. As you’ll see in the images below one father tied his son to a ladder and slowly lowered him into the water. Because the boy was threatened with drowning he got back in line. But should this kind of treatment be allowed?

The video footage below captures the moment a furious Chinese father straps his boy to a ladder and threatens to drown him. Because of some unnamed transgression, the father was furious enough to kill his boy if necessary. The child must have brought a lot of unbearable shame to the family in order for the father to threaten the boy’s life.

The clip was filmed in Yueyang, a city in China’s central Hunan province.

As you can see in the clip, the father has tied his son to a wooden ladder. He then dips the boy repeatedly in the water as a form of disciplinary torture to snap him back into better behavior.

As the punishment progresses, the boy cries and chokes on the water. He doesn’t feel safe and is screaming for his life.

After father first dunks the boy into the dingy water, he pulls him out after a moment. The boy was affected deeply by the punishment.

Reportedly, the boy was not doing well in school. Not only has he failed his classes and shamed his father’s reputation, he has also been caught stealing and getting into fights with other boys.

The father took a page out of the reality show “Scared Straight” and decided he needed to show his boy some tough love. So he decided to threaten the boy with drowning.

In the footage, which has gone viral and horrified many people, the boy shouts, “I’ll change! I’ll change!” in Chinese.

Currently, it is unclear if the police have opened an investigation because of this video.

The response online has been mixed. Some people – from the old school method of child rearing – think the father did the right thing. While his method might have been too harsh, he scared the boy straight. Others think the father simply went too far and needs to face legal action.

Here are some responses found on Daily Mail:

“This is how boys turn into animal abusers. He will just lash-out by inflicting pain on those he can dominate and control. Like his father does to him.”

“Extreme measure which doesn’t work. It’s better to talk, and to show him examples about what’s going to happen in his life if he continues with his bad behavior.”

“He should leave home immediately-run, boy! People who do these kinds of things to their kids are certainly capable of killing them- run for your life first chance you get to slip away unseen.”

Do you think this is child abuse or strict parenting?

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