People Are Begging For Legal Action After Guy’s Prank On Dog Goes Viral. Do You Agree? (video)

Updated July 24, 2017

One Georgia dog was taught a tough life lesson: be careful what you wish for. As you’ll see in the now viral clip, the dog is begging for a treat. But the owner has decided to teach his pet a life lesson that many children learn too.

As you’ll see, KC Martin’s pet pit bull is sitting on the floor, begging for a treat. The owner is eating his Halloween candy and the dog wants one. But that’s when a light bulb goes off over KC’s head – he decides that now is the time to play a harmless prank on his pet.

The owner decides to give the begging dog a treat. But instead of handing over something the dog would like, he gives the pit bull a sour candy. Watch the clip below and you’ll instantly see why this footage has gotten more than 6 million views and 63,000 shares in the several days since it was published on Facebook…

The clip opens with KC sitting at his counter eating his left-over Halloween sweets. The dog is very interested.

The owner, KC, warns the dog that the treat is “extremely sour” but the dog doesn’t understand that.

Throughout the clip, KC describes how the dog is drooling as he expects to get a taste of the Halloween candy. Eventually, KC decides it is time to teach his dog a lesson in begging.

He holds out the sour candy and lets the dog lick it. After just a taste, it becomes obvious that the pit bull does not enjoy the taste of the sour candy.

He licks his lips over and over trying to clear the sourness from his mouth. Then KC holds the candy out to the dog again and it jolts back, terrified of the sour treat.

The caption on the Facebook post reads, “My dog kept begging for my candy so I let him try my extremely #sourhead…just a lick.”

Throughout the rest of the video, KC laughs out loud as the dog reacts to the sour candy. As he holds it out to the dog again, the pit bull shakes his head frantically trying to clear the sour taste from his sensitive taste buds. The dog is tortured by the sourness of the candy and does not want to taste it ever again.

The video was also published on YouTube with the description: “My puppy is always starring at my food and begging for it. We I had a sour head this time and I decided to give him some. Here’s the outcome! Watch it”

Most viewers are laughing at how the pit bull reacts. The dog is so animated after tasting the sour candy that it is hard not to chuckle or laugh out loud at its ridiculous response.

Besides sharing how funny they found this footage, many pit bull owners say that they want to try this too. They want to see how their dog, who constantly begs for food, would react when they get to lick an extremely sour candy.

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