People Are Calling What Lady Did To Veteran With Service Dog The Most Vile Thing They’ve Seen

Updated September 25, 2017

Although veterans risked their lives serving in the American military, they don’t always received the recognition and respect they deserve once they come back to the United States. With terrible, slow health care services and a lack of awareness about the struggles veterans endure adjusting back into everyday society, politicians usually thrust veterans into the sidelines and try to avoid dealing with them. But while veterans have it hard enough getting the benefits they were promised, they also have to deal with angry and enraged people who simply don’t like how they volunteered to serve in the military. In the video below, you’ll see an enraged woman screaming at a veteran and the restaurant staff that allowed him to bring his service animal into a restaurant. Not only does the woman seem completely out of line, she is unloading years of rage on the poor veteran who ensured that she had the freedom to eat in this restaurant. She should learn to show him some baseline respect.

When the video begins, the woman is already out of control. She threatens to push the dog and says that she won’t be able to control herself around the service animal.

Although the dog was wearing an official service dog jacket, and calmly stood aside as the woman lost her temper and started threaten violence, the woman continued to rage about its presence in the establishment.

Then a waitress, who is not on camera, speaks and tries to calm down the out of control woman. She explains how this veteran of the United States military is allowed to have his service animal in the restaurant because:

“He fought for our country.”

And while that should be enough, official service animals are allowed into food establishments because these animals help their owners navigate the environment safely.

In response, the woman exclaims how her husband served in the military and died. And she didn’t understand the waitress’s point in saying that.

The woman shouts, “It’s still nasty to me! I don’t care! There should be a separate section for a f***ing animal!”

The woman is ruining everyone’s experience at the restaurant. And people nearby simply want to eat their food in peace. To that end, they speak up and tell the woman that she can freely eat anywhere she wants, so they suggest she leave.

The woman does not take kindly to their suggestion. She calls them “whores” and “b****es.”

Eventually a man gets fed up with her complaining. He gets in her face and speaks up for everyone in the restaurant – but especially the veteran who took the brunt of her abuse.

But the veteran begs the man, “Don’t do it. This is beneath us.”

Before the woman leaves, she screams, “Like I said, it’s disgusting to have an animal inside of a public restaurant!”

The woman’s anger is unjustified. And based on the content of her outrage, she probably had something else going on in her life and just took out her aggression on the veteran with PTSD because she saw him and his dog as an easy target.