People Are Disgusted With Airline Pouring A Drink Back Into Bottle. But There’s A Simple Explanation

Updated July 19, 2017

If you are anything like us, you have always wondered what goes on behind the curtains in first class on flights. See, we always get stuck with the plebians, instead of up front, where we think we belong. But we just found a video shot by a Russian air traveller that may change the way you think about first class accommodations.

Yevgeny Kayumov was travelling business class on a recent Emirates flight to Dubai, when he managed to snag a revealing video of what goes on behind the class curtain.

In the clip, he manages to catch one of the flight attendants pouring bubbly from a used glass back into the bottle.


The video has been shared thousands of times by people who have always wondered what the special perks of upgraded airline travel really look like. A lot of people have taken to social media to express their disgust at what they think they are watching, saying things like:

“Oops — She forgot about the open curtain and that darn mirror. What’s next with these airlines?”- Chef’s Special

“a dirty airline where given this disgusting sort of thing thing goes on.”- Aldertonten

“Ugh! Disgusting!”- Jojo181

“That’s disgusting. Do you know what they charge for business class.”- Amber70

However, a number of commenters who understand airline practices and policies had a different take on what the video shows, saying things like:

“She would have nothing to gain by saving the drink its not coming out of her own money, Think its more likely she’s disposing of it.”- Pacman1978

“You people are dumb!!! They pour back and deposit as waste they all do this so back off and give the girl a break but thanks to the person taking the pictures and didn’t think to ask why she done it!!! Poor girl out of a job now and wrecked her career!!! I hate people and people them Camara phones.”- BigDave72

“’the ire of the internet’- We need to have intelligence testing before people are permitted electronic devices.”- PicturetheScene

“I’m a flight attendant and sometimes there is no where to dispose of liquid on the ground, therefore i put it back into its container and stow it back into the cart for take off or landing. We would never use an open or used bottle of any drink. All food and drink normally has to be disposed off into carts or canisters and not into general waste bags or down the sink or toilets. From what this crew member is doing looks as though what I would have done in her situation, sadly though she may lose her job for what looks like an innocent and logical solution to disposing of liquid waste. I may be wrong, but she should have been confronted there and then not be posted on social media!”- Abz Jaff

“I remember working for an airline a long time ago, where they’d have soggy coffee trash. This avoids that problem. I wish people would use sense instead of always grabbing their pitchforks.”- Brodydalle

Have you ever witnessed anything like this on a first class flight? Please share your stories with us here.