People Are Fighting Over Trying To Guess What Type Of Newborn Animal Is In Viral Video

Updated October 6, 2017

We all love photos and videos of babies. Whether they’re human little ones or tiny baby animals, they are always very adorable. Evolution did create them that way on purpose so we would be more likely to care for them. And this video is no exception. While the creature may look strange to our American eyes, when you see the video coming out of the Australian Zoo you won’t be able to curb your “aww…” this little guy is totally cute and cuddly. But can you tell what type of animal it is? Although the short video has been circulating around the internet for some time, few people have been able to guess exactly what species this guy is. But do you have the eye for the animal? Can you tell? Tell us in the comments if so.

This beautiful creature was born recently at Taronga Zoo. This animal sanctuary is based in Sydney, Australia and is home to more than 350 different species. You can find all different kinds of creatures from seals to giraffes and even rare and exotic spiders – no that Australia has any problem in that department.

Most animals in Taronga Zoo are easily recognizable. Most children could even guess what they are. But this baby critter on the other hand is not so easy to identify. In the video, you’ll see the hairless guy slurping up liquid from the handler’s hand. And it devours its daily milk allowance, as the Daily Mail puts it, up like it is no body’s business.

Some people have guessed that it is a baby anteater. Others think it is some kind of rat or mouse. Others still suspect that it is a baby platypus. But all those guesses are wrong.

People have flooded social media with their comments about this cute baby beast. And here were just a few popular responses:

“Oh. My. Goodness. WHAT is that cute little guy???? I’ve never seen one before”

Can you guess what the baby is? Well it is a tiny little baby echidna.

“This video is showing a baby echidna but a baby platypus is also referred to as a puggle,” the CSIRO helpfully tweeted.

A zookeeper went on to explain to all interested social media users how this adorable puggle came into their care.

“When they get to be 10-15 days older they are actually left in a burrow. Mum only comes back every couple of days to feed the puggle,” the zookeeper said. “We have to feed this one every two days and it drinks milk out of my hand because the mother doesn’t actually have teats.”

The zookeeper loves the little guy so much that she takes him home with her to keep him safe. She doesn’t want to let the little baby echidna out of her sight for even a minute.

“I do take it home with me. At the moment I’m keeping it in a small esky just to keep it at the right temperature,” she said.

What do you think about this little guy?